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Department of Psychology

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SCOPE: The South Carolina Psycholinguistic Metabase

The South CarOlina Psycholinguistic metabase (SCOPE) is a curated collection of psycholinguistic properties of words from major databases. It currently contains more than 240 variables and over 100,000 words and 81,000 nonwords. 

  •  To obtain variable values for a given list of words, use the Search page from the menu on the left.
  •  To select words/nonwords based on variable values within a range, use the Generate page.

If you find SCOPE useful, please cite the following paper, along with the original source(s) of the variable(s) used (which can be found by clicking the ‘i’ button next to the variable name in the Search and Generate pages).

Gao, C., Shinkareva, S.V. & Desai, R.H. SCOPE: The South Carolina psycholinguistic metabase. Behav Res (2022).
PsyArXiv Preprint:


We welcome requests to add psycholinguistic variables to the metabase, especially from published, large-scale databases. To request an addition, please contact Rutvik Desai (r-u-t-v-i-k at s-c dot e-d-u; remove dashes). Please provide the citation of the paper, and a csv/tsv/Excel file. The file should contain words in the first column, variable values in the subsequent columns, and a header in the first row. While we make no promises, we will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests depending on the resources available at the time.


Version 1.0             Released: December 15, 2021

Version 1.1             Released: May, 2022 (current)

  • Added ‘Socialness’ from Diveica et al. (2022).
  • Added ‘Valence_NRC’, ‘Arousal_NRC’ and ‘Dominance_NRC’ values from Mohammad (2018).
  • Added ‘GloVe’ distributional semantic vector measure from Pennington et al. (2014).
  • Added ‘Taxonomic’ distributional semantic vector measure from Roller & Erk (2016).
  • Expended word list from ~80K to ~100K

Created by Chuanji Gao, Svetlana V. Shinkareva, and Rutvik H. Desai. Web interface developed by Eric Patterson. Funding from NIH/NIDCD and the University of South Carolina.

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