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Department of Political Science

Faculty Directory

Kelan Lu

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences

Gambrell, 346

Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]



Dr. Lu joined the Department of Political Science at the University of South Carolina in August, 2012. She received her Ph.D. from the University Of North Texas (UNT) in 2012.


Professor Lu taught Introductory Comparative Politics for undergraduate students at UNT. She will teach Politics and Government of China (POLI 448) in Spring 2013. Professor Lu is also interested in teaching Comparative Political Economy, East Asian Politics and Research Methodology.


Professor Lu’s research interests focus on comparative political economy, particularly the role played by foreign direct investment in domestic politics; East Asian politics, including domestic and foreign policies of China. She is also interested in applications of dynamic panel data modeling.

Selected Publications 

(Lilly) Kelan Lu. 2011. Book Review: China, the Developing World, and the New Global Dynamic   

      edited    by Lowell Dittmer, George T. Yu. Pacific Affairs.  84(2): 342-343.   

Breuning, Marijke; (Lilly) Kelan Lu.  2010.  “Participation by Women in ISA Annual Meetings,

      2005-2009”, International Studies Perspectives 11(3): 242-254. 

(Lilly) Kelan Lu. 2010.  “Socialism in the Developing World,” in 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook, ed.  John Ishiyama and Marijke Breuning.  Sage Publications Inc.

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