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Department of Philosophy

Our People

All faculty and staff in the Department of Philosophy.  Use the filter below to view by categories.

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Bezuidenhout, Anne Professor of Philosophy & Linguistics 803-777-4166 Linguistics,Philosophy,Psychology
Faculty Burke, F. Thomas Professor 803-777-3733 Philosophy
Faculty Buxhoeveden, Dan Adjunct Professor 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Ceballes, John Instructor 803-777-5396 Philosophy
Faculty Dickson, Michael Professor Acting Chair, Religious Studies 803-777-4166 Religious Studies,Philosophy
Faculty Donougho, Martin Professor Emeritus 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Frey, Christopher Assistant Professor 803-777-2393 Philosophy
Faculty Frey, Jennifer A. Assistant Professor 803-777-3728 Philosophy
Faculty Gentry, Glenn Adjunct Professor 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Hackett, Jeremiah Professor 803-777-2037 Philosophy
Staff Hannah, Yolonda Administrative Coordinator 803-777-3729 Philosophy
Faculty Houck, Margaret Adjunct 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Khushf, George Professor and Director, Center for Bioethics 803-777-7371 Philosophy
Faculty Kisner, Matthew Associate Professor and Graduate Assessment Officer 803-777-3739 Philosophy
Faculty Knuuttila, Tarja Assoc. Professor 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Long, Eugene Thomas Professor Emeritus 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty McClimans, Leah Associate Professor, Graduate Placement Officer and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Women's and Gender Studies Program 803-777-3731 Philosophy
Faculty Mulvaney, Robert Professor Emeritus 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Nordmann, Alfred Adjunct Professor 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Pollok, Anne Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies 803-777-3727 Philosophy
Faculty Pollok, Konstantin Professor Director of Graduate Studies 803-777-3737 Philosophy
Staff Reeder, Tilda Student Services Coordinator 803-777-5351 Philosophy,Religious Studies
Faculty Robinson, Katherine Adjunct 803-777-4166 Philosophy
Faculty Sanchez, Ed Munn Adjunct and Associate Dean of the SC Honors College 803-576-5633 Philosophy
Faculty Sefrin-Weis, Heike Associate Professor 803-777-3723 Languages Literatures and Cultures,Philosophy
Faculty Sherman, Brett Assistant Professor Philosophy
Faculty Skrupskelis, Ignas Professor Emeritus 803-777-4166 iksas@PBTCOMM.NET Philosophy
Faculty Stoeltzner, Michael Professor 803-777-1805 Philosophy
Faculty Tollefsen, Christopher College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Department Chair 609-865-7272 Philosophy
Faculty Turner, Jeffrey Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor 803-777-3726 Philosophy
Faculty Vogt, Tom Adjunct Professor 803-777-1151 Philosophy
Faculty Wallulis, Jerry Professor Emeritus 803-777-3730 Philosophy
Faculty Weinberg, Justin Associate Professor 803-777-3724 Philosophy