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Department of Philosophy

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Studying philosophy will set you up for success in any career you choose. The skills you learn here will teach you to be a better thinker, speaker and writer while giving you the foundation to excel at anything from marketing to social work. 


Philosophy is interdisciplinary by nature, making it a great choice as a first or second major for any student at the University of South Carolina. Our department has even been awarded three grants in excess of $2,000,000 each to do interdisciplinary work. 



You'll find our interdisciplinary approach extends to our research interests. You'll find our students and faculty researching everything from the large hydrogen collider to advocacy for foster children. 


Career Preparation

We teach you the logic you need to find unique solutions to any problem and how to communicate those solutions clearly and effectively. That's why philosophy graduates are in demand for many careers including medicine, law and business. We encourage you to think about your career plans well before graduation and to bring them up in your advisement sessions. We're always happy to help with advice, letters of recommendation or connecting you with past grads.