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Department of Philosophy


Agnes Bolinska

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: Close-Hipp 531
Resources: Department of Philosophy
Agnes Bolinska


I received my PhD (2015) from the University of Toronto and spent the following year as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Philosophy of Science. Before coming to Columbia, I also taught at the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and most recently at Cambridge University.

Research Interests

My research examines the ways in which scientific models enable learning about the physical systems they represent. I aim to understand what is distinctive about the way in which these models represent and what makes them effective epistemic tools. I am particularly interested in the roles that different kinds of representations play in contemporary and historical practices of molecular structure determination. Currently, I am engaged in two projects, one examining how models of protein structure produced by different experimental techniques can be integrated to understand protein structure and function, and the other considering how historical case studies can be used to draw normative philosophical conclusions about scientific practice.


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