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Department of English Language and Literature


Elaine Chun

Title: Associate Professor
Department: English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-576-5986
Office: HUO, Room 210
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Linguistics Program
English Language and Literature


Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin, 2007
A.B. in Linguistics, Stanford University, 1995


Linguistic anthropology
Language, race, gender, and sexuality
Asian American language
Language in new media


Korean Popular Culture & Language
   • Language & Racism
   • Introduction to Language
   • Introduction to Language Sciences
   • Language Conflict & Language Rights
   • Language & Whiteness
   • Language in Society
   • The English Language

Graduate and Undergraduate
Language, Race & Ethnicity in the U.S.
   • Language & Gender

Research Methods in Linguistics
   • Survey of Linguistics
   • Language & Race
   • Discourse Analysis
   • Language Contact Phenomena
   • Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Research Projects

One of my current projects focuses on language and racism in U.S. public space. I explore what makes language hearable as racist and how anti-racist strategies can reshape racial ideologies.

Another project focuses on language in transnational social media contexts. I examine how the language of social media users, such as Asian American YouTube stars and K-pop (Korean popular music) fans, becomes collaboratively interpreted by viewers across trajectories of media commentary.

In past and current projects, I have investigated language practices that appear to traverse boundaries of race or nation, such as when Asian Americans stylize Asian immigrants, mock privileged white girls, or emulate African Americans. I have explored the ideologies of race, gender, and sexuality that these practices reproduce as well as the local cultural projects they serve.


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   • 2018. Chun, Elaine. Listening to the Southern Redneck: Pathways of Contextualization on YouTube. American Speech, 93 (3–4): 425–44. Special issue edited by Jennifer Cramer and Dennis Preston.
   • 2017. Chun, Elaine. How to drop a name: Hybridity, purity, and the K-pop fan. Language in Society. Special issue edited by Adrienne Lo and Joseph Park.
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    2009. Chun, Elaine. Ideologies of legitimate mockery: Margaret Cho’s revoicings of mock Asian. In Angela Reyes and Adrienne Lo (eds.). Beyond Yellow English: Towards a Linguistic Anthropology of Asian Pacific America, 261-287. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    2006. Chun, Elaine. Taking the mike: Performances of everyday identities and ideologies at a U.S. high school. In Er-Xin Lee, Kris M. Markman, Vivian Newdick and Tomoko Sakuma (eds.). SALSA XIII: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium about Language and Society—Austin, 39-49. Austin, TX: Department of Linguistics, University of Texas.
    2004. Chun, Elaine. Ideologies of legitimate mockery: Margaret Cho's revoicings of mock AsianPragmatics 14, 263-289, Special issue edited by Adrienne Lo & Angela Reyes.
    2001. Chun, Elaine. The construction of white, black, and Korean American identities through African American Vernacular EnglishJournal of Linguistic Anthropology 11, 52-64. Special issue edited by Mary Bucholtz & Sara Trechter.

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