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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

  • Computer rendered graphic of sattelites orbitting Earth.  TOPEX/Poseidon 1992-2006, Jason 12001-Present, OSTM/ Jason 2 2008, Jason 3 2013

Satellite Oceanography Laboratory

Welcome to the Satellite Oceanography Laboratory at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Our lab trains undergraduate and graduate students, Post-doctoral Scholars and Visiting Scientists, and conducts research in Remote Sensing, Satellite Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Ocean Dynamics, Air-Sea Interaction, Global Water Cycle, and Climate Change.

MS/PhD Research Assistantship in Marine Science (Physical Oceanography/Ocean-Atmospheric Dynamics) at USC    

The Satellite Oceanography Laboratory at the University of South Carolina, Columbia invites applications from qualified students to our MS/PhD (Marine Science) in the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment (SEOE) at the University of South Carolina (USC) to work on problems in Physical Oceanography/ Satellite Oceanography/ Ocean Modelling/Air-Sea Interaction/Tropical Ocean Circulation, and Dynamical  Processes. The Satellite Oceanography Laboratory is funded by many federal agencies. Please visit these web pages:Satellite Oceanography Laboratory School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment's or Master's degree in Oceanography/Physical Oceanography/ Marine Science/ Meteorology/Atmospheric science/Mathematics/Physics/Scientific Computing is required. Applicants should have strong Physics, mathematical and computer programming skills in Matlab/Python. Full Funding is  available starting in Summer/Fall 2024 for these projects: 1. Investigating Arctic Freshwater Content and Circulation in a Changing Climate 2. Understanding the Generation and Dynamics of Internal Waves in the Bay of Bengal 3. Understanding the Air-Sea Interaction Processes on the Development and Collapse of the Arabian Sea Warm Pool. 4. Understanding the Loop Current Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico Interested applicants are encouraged to send an unofficial transcript and current resume  to: Prof. Subra Bulusu.  NO GRE SCORES are required.  Full applications should be submitted by February 29, 2024 to receive full consideration for assistantships and awards for Summer/Fall, 2024  semesters.  Dr. Subra BulusuE-mail: (803) 777-2572








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