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Clubs and Organizations

USC Union encourages participation in a wide variety of student organizations and activities. Co-curricular activities can be related to specific academic topics and so directly support classroom learning, or they can more broadly promote intellectual, social, or physical development. You will learn more about your world, yourself, and about others. You will become a stronger leader, colleague, and friend.

Student Government Association 

The Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of all registered undergraduate students of the University of South Carolina Union. Upon payment of semester fees, students are automatically considered members of this organization. Student Government Association officers are elected by the student body; these officers include a president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer. Together with the senators, they make up the governing council of the SGA.

The purpose of the SGA is to represent the student body both academically and socially. The SGA schedules and directs activities. Any co-curricular activity of interest to students can be organized within the framework of the SGA. You can read the SGA Constitution [pdf] for more information. 

Rotaract Club

Rotaract is for students in college that want to get involved in their community and campus while building leadership and professional skills. Rotaract is a college-level Rotary Club and is a Rotary-sponsored organization. This chartered club will be a member of Rotary International. For more information, please contact Annie Smith.

African American Association

The MWOM/AAA (Men and Women on a Mission and African American Association) are organizations that try to empower all students, and teach leadership skills wherever possible, with a special focus on minority and women.

Art Club

The USC Union art club's mission is to use art to bring more vibrancy and culture to the campus and the community through creative actives and projects. Our goal is to create events and opportunities to that highlight the creative thought process in many forms.  We welcome anyone interested in art, regardless of ability to create! We want people to come and grow with us in their understanding and ability. For more information, please contact Jennifer Emswiler.

Garden and Botany Club

The Sustainable Garden and Botany Club is an organization of students, staff, and faculty dedicated to building and maintaining a garden on the USC Union campus emphasizing sustainability and pollinator/wildlife habitats. Features of the garden will include locally grown produce, native plants, composting, drip irrigation systems, plant boxes, bird and bee houses. The garden will be used for recreation, education, a natural meeting place, photo opportunities, and will help beautify the campus. The area behind the Founder’s House is currently the planned site, and construction will start mid-April 2019. The Club also plans to hold fundraisers and invite speakers to discuss gardening and foraging. The Club has a Facebook Group: USC Union’s Sustainable Garden and Botany Club.