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Face coverings will be required on-campus and social distancing will be encouraged among members of the campus community. The semester will be offered in an accelerated format, with in-person instruction ending on Nov. 24. In addition, classes will be held on many traditional holidays and breaks to allow for the semester to end earlier than usual. Campus will be closed on Labor Day (Sept. 7). Classes will be held asynchronous (virtual) on Labor Day (Sept. 7) and Election Day (Nov. 3). Classes will be held remotely on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Fall break will also be cancelled with face-to-face instruction being held on Oct. 15-16. This schedule also aligns with that of University of South Carolina's institution in Columbia.

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Adams, Teresa Business Office Assistant 864-424-8089
Faculty Anderson, Joe Instructor of Mathematics 864-424-8025
Faculty Ashmore, Gale Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8008
Staff Atkinson, Taylor Interim Library Director 864-427-7140 Library
Faculty Aziz, Majdouline Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Associate Professor of Sociology 864-424-8046
Faculty Bailey, Greta Sanders Adjunct Instructor 864-424-7764
Staff Black, Jeremy IT Director 864-424-8081
Staff Black, Tanja Bookstore Manager 864-424-8080
Faculty Bowles, Gerard Adjunct Instructor
Faculty Brothers, Mike Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Faculty Camp, Rod Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Staff Chapman, Alex Bass Fishing Coach 864-466-6745 bass fishing, bantams, bantam anglers Athletic Department
Faculty Charles, Allan Professor Emeritus Professor of History 864-424-8035
Faculty Cofield, Chrissie Adjunct Instructor 803-313-7000
Faculty Craig, Tracey Adjunct Instructor 803-576-7448
Faculty Davis, Roger Adjunct Instructor 803-603-8395
Staff DeCiantis, Daniel IT Assistant 864-424-8006
Staff Dean, Matthew Laurens Location Director of Facilities, Maintenance, Student Affairs 864-681-1457
Staff Eaves, Stacey Assistant Bookstore Manager 864-424-8065
Staff Edwards, Lynn , RN-MSN Nurse Administrator 864-424-8030 Nursing
Faculty Edwards, Tiffany Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Faculty Emswiler, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Fine Arts 864-424-8062
Faculty Feiner, Jennifer Adjunct Instructor Instructor of Mathematics 864-424-8062
Faculty Fetemie, Tara Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8084
Faculty Fouts, Avery M. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies 864-424-8063
Staff Gilliam, Doug Rifle Team Coach 864-426-0785 Athletic Department
Staff Greer, Brad Enrollment Director Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8039
Staff Gregory, Tony Campus Health and Safety/Security Director 864-424-8000
Faculty Hance, Neill Adjunct Instructor
Staff Holcombe, Bobby Financial Aid Director Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8024
Staff Hooper, Alice Tutor 864-424-8017 Student Academic Success Center
Faculty Hudson, David Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Faculty Hudson, Deborah Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Faculty Hudson, Steve Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Staff Ivey, Amber Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant 864-424-8061 Academic Affairs
Faculty Ivey, Randall Senior Instructor English 864-424-8057
Faculty Ivey, Robert Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Staff Jett, Susan Human Resources Manager 864-424-8027
Faculty Jolly, Casie Adjunct Instructor
Faculty Keith, Robert, IV Adjunct Instructor 803-777-9850
Faculty Kennedy-Coon, Nancy Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Staff Kirby, Heather Women's Softball Assistant Coach 804-318-0771 Athletic Department
Staff Lawson, Donald "Ducky" Maintenance Director 864-424-8020
Staff Lawson, Kim Dean’s Assistant 864-424-8098
Staff Lee, Michele Director of Budget & Business Operations 864-424-8038
Faculty Lipsey, Gene "Doc" Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Faculty Lowe, Steve, PH.D. Director of Liberal Studies, Organizational Leadership, and Professor of History 803-777-0588 Extended University, Palmetto College
Faculty Lowell, Randy Interim Campus Dean Professor of Psychology 864-424-8019
Faculty Lownes, Steve Assistant Professor of World Languages Campus Coordinator for Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning 864-424-8021
Faculty Maire-Afeli, Helene Assistant Professor of Chemistry 864-424-8059
Staff Mayes, Christen Academic Support Specialist Academic Advisor 864-424-8062 Academic Affairs
Staff Mayfield, Carolyn Custodian 864-424-8020
Faculty Mitra, David Adjunct Instructor
Faculty Morris, Lee Assistant Professor of Biology 864-424-8094
Faculty Mummaw, Jared Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Faculty Oliver, Coronicca Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Staff Owens, Allen Maintenance Assistant 864-424-8020
Staff Parker, Connie Community Liaison of USC Union Laurens Location 864-681-1459
Faculty Phillips-Long, Sandy Instructor of Biology 864-424-8062
Faculty Pinnell, Courtney, RN, MSN, CEN Nursing Faculty 864-424-8053 Nursing
Faculty Pisano, Andrew Assistant Professor of English Writing Center Coordinator 864-424-8073 Academic Affairs
Staff Queen, Amy Administrative Assistant 864-424-8056 Student Affairs
Faculty Revan, David Adjunct Instructor
Staff Roberson, Kristie Bursar 864-424-8029
Staff Royce, William Women's Softball Coach 803-406-1698 Athletic Department
Staff Rupp, Sharon Staff 864-424-8014
Faculty Schafer, Emily Assistant Professor of Psychology 864-424-8058
Faculty Simcox-Adams, Sheri Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Staff Simmons , Zach Athletic Director Men’s Soccer Coach 864-424-8037 Athletic Department
Faculty Simpson, Brandon Disabilities Coordinator Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8060
Faculty Sixta-Rinehart, Christine Professor of Political Science 864-424-8050 Academic Affairs
Staff Smith, Annie Marketing and Development Director 864-424-8055 Business Office
Faculty Smith, Barbara Adjunct Instructor 864-424-8062
Staff Smith, Eddie Maintenance Assistant 864-424-8020
Staff Stancil, Micah Baseball Coach 864-424-8045 baseball, stancil, bantam baseball Athletic Department
Staff Sumner, Michael Palmetto College Coordinator 864-424-8032
Faculty Torres, Kevin Instructor of Spanish 864-424-8026
Staff Turner, Tiffany Business Office Assistant 864-424-8011 Business Department
Faculty Ulmer, Jason Chad Adjunct Instructor
Staff Wendel, Linda Assistant Director of Financial Aid 864-424-8078 Financial Aid
Staff Whitney, Anita Student Activities Coordinator Women's Volleyball Coach 864-424-8018 Student Affairs
Staff Wilson, Blake Registrar 864-424-8022
Faculty Windsor, Kim Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty