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Faculty and Staff

Wei-Kai Lai, Ph.D.

Title: Professor of Mathematics
Division Chair of Math, Sciences, and Professional Studies
Department: Math
USC Salkehatchie
Phone: Walterboro: 843-549-6314 Allendale: (843) 782-8611
Office: Room 101, Nursing/Science Building (Walterboro), Room 115, No.1, Spruce Hall (Allendale)
Resources: American Mathematics Society(AMS)
Mathematical Association of America(MAA)
Wei-Kai Lai


Ph.D. of Mathematics, 2008,  University of Mississippi
M.S. of Mathematics, 2000, National Taiwan Normal University
B.S. of Mathematics, 1998, National Taiwan University

Selected publications:

Lai, W.K., and Risher, J., Generalizing Inequalities Using Power Series Approach, International Journal of Mathematics and Its Applications8 (2), 2020, 107-112. 

Lai, W.K., Generalization of an Inequality with Sum of Fractions, International Journal of Mathematics and Its Applications6 (3), 2018, 227-230. 

Lai, W.K., and Risher, J., Generalization of a Class of Cyclic Inequalities, International Mathematical Forum13 (3), 2018, 137-145.

Lai, W.K., and Risher, J., Generalization of Two Inequalities Involving AM, GM, and HM, International Mathematical Forum11 (21), 2016, 1027-1035. 

Lai, W.K., and Kim, E., Some Inequalities Involving Geometric and Harmonic Means, International Mathematical Forum11 (4), 2016, 163-169. 

Lai, W.K., and Kalacanic, C., On Power Tower of Integers, International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Invention3 (8), 2015, 29-33. 

Rufty, C., and Lai, W.K., Solving Simple Japanese Ladder Games, Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science13 (2), Oct., 2015, 1-4.

Lai, W.K., Rearrangement Inequality and Chebyshev’s Sum Inequality on Positive Tensor Products of Orlicz Sequence Space with Banach Lattice, Journal of Mathematics and System Science 4 (8), 2014, 574-578. 

Lai, W.K., A Rearrangement Inequality on Positive Tensor Products of Banach Lattices, Journal of Mathematics and System Science 4 (6), 2014, 387-390.

Bu, Q., Buskes, G, and Lai, W.K., The Radon-Nikodym Property for Tensor Products of Banach Lattices II, Positivity 12 (2008), 45-54 



  • 2020 USC Salkehatchie Faculty Award in Service, recipient
  • 2018 Denise Shaw Excellence in Research Award, recipient  
  • 2016 USC Salkehatchie Service Award, recipient 
  • 2013 John J. Duffy Excellence in Teaching Award, recipient
  • 2012 USC Salkehatchie Professor of the Year, recipient


Banach Space Theory, Positive Operator, Mathematical Inequalities, Recreational Mathematics


  • classical music
  • cooking