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Palmetto College Campuses Academic Actions and Approvals

  1. All proposals related to courses and curriculum must be in compliance with the University policies described on the Provost's Office of Academic Programs website.  For the Palmetto College Campuses (Extended University, Lancaster, Salkehatchie, Sumter, and Union) the Associate Provost serves as the Academic Program Liaison (APL) to the Provost’s Office of Academic Programs, and should be consulted for any questions about the various procedures and requirements as needed.
  2.  Curriculum Actions. Proposals for modification to the curriculum for the common Associates of Arts and/or Associates of Science degrees must be first approved by Faculty Organization of the campus where the proposal originates. Once approved, the campus FO is responsible for submitting the proposal to the PCC Faculty Senate through the System Affairs Committee. Once approved by the PCC Faculty Senate, the proposed change(s) must be approved by each campus Faculty Organization. Proposals for modification to the curriculum for the BA in Liberal Studies, or the BA in Organizational Leadership, may be proposed by an individual faculty member, a group of faculty, etc. The proposal should be sent directly to the Associate Provost’s office. It will be presented to the PC Academic Advisory Committee for consideration. If approved, the proposal will be submitted to the System Affairs Committee of the PCC Faculty Senate. If approved, the changes will be submitted by the OAA to the Curricula and Courses Committee and the Columbia Faculty Senate for approval.
  3. Course Actions. Faculty interested in proposing a course action to an existing course should consult their campus Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or the Associate Provost. Courses belong to and are under the sole authority of the Columbia academic department’s faculty. Palmetto College regional campuses faculty may propose changes to existing courses, such as Distance Education Delivery approval, or Carolina Core approval, but only with the approval and consent of the department and college. Courses designated as “PCAM” fall under the authority of the Palmetto College Campuses, and may be created, modified, or deleted through sole approval of the PCC Faculty Senate.  Course actions for PCAM courses usually originate on the campus level and are approved by the campus faculty before being presented to the PCC Faculty Senate. See ACAF 2.03. Courses designated as “PALM” are governed by the faculty of the PCC Faculty Senate (PC Faculty Advisory Committee), but are considered “Columbia” courses, and require approval through the PCC Faculty Senate as well as the Columbia Curricula and Courses Committee and Faculty Senate. See ACAF 2.03 (Columbia campus). Proposals for new or changes to existing PALM courses may be initiated by individual faculty who teach these courses, or in some cases arise within the Academic Advisory Committee or the System Affairs Committee of the PCC Faculty Senate.  Proposals for PALM courses are submitted through the Academic Programs Proposal System (APPS). 
  4. Distance Education Delivery (DED) Approvals.  Proposals for distance delivery (DED), including online delivery, are submitted through APPS by the Office of Academic Affairs. It is recommended that the faculty member considering submitting a course approval request for DED consult with the Associate Provost’s office prior to submission. The approval process is lengthy and requires supporting documentation, including a sample syllabus with detailed schedules and assignments. Sample syllabi can be provided through the OAA upon request. DED requests require approval by the Columbia department, college, and Columbia Faculty Senate. Other course actions that require approval (but not through APPS) include Special Topics (STC).  The faculty member should consult with his/her Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and then submit the form directly to the Office of Academic Affairs. The office will submit to the Columbia departments and/or colleges for the required approvals, and is responsible for submitting to the registrar.


Updated 8/04/2017

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