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Organizational Excellence

Skill Building

The Office of Organizational Excellence supplies improvement tips, tools, and templates at this website – and offers a special skill-building session for units that want to learn improvement concepts and put them to work.

Learn Here with These Featured Resources

Below are the latest featured improvement resources. Items will be added every couple weeks, so consider bookmarking this page.

Read the article in Harvard Business Review (1,200 words)

Summary: People systematically overlook subtractive changes to bring about improvement – and instead, they follow their instincts to add. There is nothing inherently wrong with adding. But if it becomes the default path to improvement, you might be missing significant opportunities.

By Gabrielle Adams, Benjamin A. Converse, Andrew Hales, and Leidy Klotz – February 04, 2022

This 1-pager [pdf] defines a full range of measures, all explained in plain language. Use any of these to get a deeper understanding of how your process is performing – and to set quantitative goals for improvement.

More Tips and Tools for Improvement

This site is well-stocked with improvement improvement resources. Whether you're learning on your own, or gathering ideas for a team, or planning for improvement as a manager or leader, you'll find much you can put to work.

Learning as a Group – and Taking Action

The Office of Organizational Excellence can lead a workshop for your department, division, college, or school. Process Improvement Foundations introduces key concepts and tools for improvement – and guides participants in putting the ideas into practice. (90-minute workshop)

Organizational Excellence

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