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Organizational Excellence

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group brings together academic and administrative leaders. Together, they ensure that the Organizational Excellence initiative is collaborative, coordinated, and powered by different perspectives.

Role of the Advisory Group

Provide strategic guidance
Share ideas to spark innovative thinking
Monitor progress, impact, and results

With improvement projects:
Review potential improvement opportunities
Assist with project scoping and prioritization
Track project progress
Provide guidance and support to keep projects moving forward

Communicating with colleagues:
• Promote the vision, concepts, and practices of organizational excellence
Engage with leaders regarding  opportunities and priorities

Horizontal rule
Project Selection Criteria

The following criteria are used to evaluate proposed projects, select projects for action, and establish priorities.


  • Alignment: The project aligns with our mission, goals, and strategic priorities as a university.
  • Data-Driven: Data is used to justify the project, inform the project, and measure results.
  • Results: Success with this project will bring significant improvement that benefits students, faculty, staff, and/or the university as a whole.


  • Advocacy: The project has an enthusiastic advocate who is eager to sponsor the project and move it forward.
  • Support: Among leaders whose areas will experience change, there is a consensus that improvement is needed.
  • Capacity: Staff are available to initiate the project, guide and facilitate, and fill needed project roles.

Organizational Excellence

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.