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Organizational Excellence

Blitz Projects

With projects that have a smaller scope and span, a blitz approach can get the job done more quickly than most people realize.

All types of improvement projects can be blitzed: process improvement, resource optimization, and problem-solving. The key is to have a well-focused and relatively narrow scope, with goals that are clearly defined.

Time Frame

Some of these blitz projects can get done in a single day. For projects that are more complicated but still blitz suitable, the group might have two or three meetings covering up to 12 total hours. The Office of Organizational Excellence can guide the group from start to finish.

Key Success Factors

To make these blitz projects work, a project charter needs to be set up in advance. Additional groundwork can involve gathering data, process mapping, hearing from customers and stakeholders, and so on. 


When they’re wisely scoped and set up for success, blitz projects are a winner. They guarantee fast progress, a sense of accomplishment among team members, and genuine momentum for change.

Organizational Excellence

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