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Organizational Excellence

About Organizational Excellence at USC

Organizational excellence has always been a priority, but the time is right for a renewed and sustained focus. The key is to make it practical – to achieve excellence through real improvements that add up over time and generate meaningful results.

Improvement Projects

The work of the Office of Organizational Excellence focuses on two types of projects: Process Improvement Projects that streamline key processes, and Resource Optimization Projects that align strategy, ensure coordination, and make wise use of resources.

Goals and Results

The following goals are guiding this initiative. They are important  for every improvement project, to ensure that our work achieves meaningful results.


How RESULTS will be measured:

Gray Rule
User-friendly services • Customer satisfaction and other quantitative feedback
• Key qualitative input from customers
Gray Rule
Efficient processes • Reductions in process time
• Reductions in the number of process steps, handoffs
• Other gains in efficiency
Gray Rule
Effective use of resources • Redirected work hours repurposed for value-added work
• Direct cost savings from reduced expenses
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Organizational Excellence

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.