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Student Board

Incoming Board members are invited to serve on the USC Joseph F. Rice School of Law Pro Bono Board by the existing members. The Pro Bono Board strives to reflect the racial, gender and age diversity of the student body.


Board members must:

  • Be in good academic standing in the law school.
  • Not be under investigation or under sanction by the Honor Council.
  • Be willing to demonstrate their commitment to the activities of the Pro Bono
  • Program by actively participating in one or more of the community projects.
  • Assist with fundraising projects; generally supporting the Program.
  • Agree to support the Pro Bono Program by recruiting volunteers.
  • Agree to attend Board meetings and stay informed on the activities of the Board.
  • Make every effort, if asked, to represent the law school or the Pro Bono Program at public functions or in cooperation with the media.

Board members serve for the duration of their time enrolled in law school so long as they maintain the requirements listed above, or until such time as they serve notice of resignation.

Selection Process

Nominations for new Board members will be accepted from any law school student. In the spring of each year the present Pro Bono Board members, in conjunction with the Director, will determine how many members to add to the new Pro Bono Board. This number varies from year to year. The number of joint degree candidates, May and December graduates will impact that number.

Information about the nominees will be distributed to the present Pro Bono Board for additional comments. Upon completion of a slate voting will be conducted by the present Pro Bono Board members. There is no election of officers. They are appointed by the officers of the outgoing Board. This selection is based on knowledge about the Pro Bono Program and exhibited willingness to lead and serve.

To nominate a colleague or yourself, please use this nomination form.

Student Pro Bono Board Members

2024–25 Pro Bono Board

  • Rebecca Tewell (President)
  • Tate Few (Vice President)
  • Jitwan Floyd
  • Shelby Niehus
  • JC Gaylor
  • Savannah Hobbie
  • Javis Benford
  • Meggie Cruser
  • Alexandra Donovan
  • Kaitlin Gasner
  • Kiara Jackson
  • Sarah Kennedy
  • William Kibler
  • Bethany Lawless
  • Michelle McGee
  • Joseph McNeila
  • Morgan Mercer
  • Caroline Murphy
  • Jasmine Pattschull
  • Shinelle Polite
  • Nicole Rodrigues
  • Emily Rule
  • Bjore Samard
  • Dennard Small
  • Grace Tippett
  • Kaylee Wanamaker
  • Jada Young

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