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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

University Commitments

The university's response to the ongoing pandemic is guided by four enduring priorities and seven commitments that transcend all activities including instruction, research and athletics.

Enduring  Priorities

The university remains guided by our four enduring priorities:

  • Maintaining the health, safety and welfare of our people
  • Limiting and mitigating the spread of the virus and protecting our community
  • Maintaining academic, research and athletic excellence
  • Sustaining the university


Guiding Commitments

To enable the full and safe reopening of our campus, we are also guided by seven commitments that transcend all activities including instruction, research and athletics:

Commitment to Excellence

As individuals and as a team we push ourselves to achieve the highest levels of success and to honor our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusivity at all times … challenging every employee and student to raise the bar for themselves and to inspire others to do the same.

Commitment to the Health, Safety and Welfare of Our People

In this season of uncertainty we harness the power of South Carolina’s only School of Public Health, our two Medical Schools, our award-winning and nationally accredited Patient-Centered Medical Home-Student Health Services as well as countless other research and practice expertise to ensure all of our decisions align with the best practices for individual safety and public health. The University of South Carolina is nationally recognized and applauded for its Healthy Carolina Initiatives for creating a culture and atmosphere that encourages healthy choices, healthy behaviors and a healthy place to live.

Commitment to Social Responsibility and Individual Accountability

As a community and part of society, we have individual accountability and social responsibility to take care of each other and to practice the highest degree of prevention and disease preparedness possible to protect the health and safety of all. As a community we must understand injustice; that in times of public health crises not everyone is afforded the same protections and resources. Fear and anxiety can lead to social stigma and xenophobia, which may arise when people associate a specific illness with a population or nationality, despite the fact that not everyone in that population is at increased risk of having the illness. This virus knows no geopolitical boundaries. As we implement and enhance our public health measures, every effort should be made to dispel misinformation that COVID-19 is linked to individuals of a specific ethnicity, race, or national origin.

Commitment to Academic Excellence and Student Success

Our primary mission is to deliver world class academic instruction and to prepare our students to effectively contribute to a more just and equitable world.

Commitment to Continued Research and Scholarly Activity in All its Forms

The University of South Carolina Columbia is classified as a university with the Highest Research Activity by the Carnegie Foundation, and the creation of new knowledge and creative works is the hallmark of our university.

Commitment to Transparency and Shared Governance

The university will work to build trust, inclusion and a team orientation leading to shared responsibility for effectively setting the institution’s priorities delivering the mission of the institution within the health and safety guidelines necessary for community health.

Commitment to the State of South Carolina and Our Community

As South Carolina’s flagship institution, our first responsibility is to the education of her citizens and contributions to the wisdom and strength of the state. As an urban campus, how we respond to COVID-19 impacts not just our campus, but our community and our state — driving our planning and actions toward the greater good.

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