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Event Proposal Form

Use this form to request approval for campus gatherings, visitors to campus and university-sponsored off-campus events. Student organizations should work through Russell House Event Services for approval. Vendors and contractors, Gamecock Athletics activities, and activities of the Board of Trustees are exempt from this approval process. Events with 25 participants or less should be approved at the unit level.

This event request form must be submitted a minimum of two weeks ahead of your event, with earlier submission recommended for more complex events. While SOCR approval may be required to confirm other campus reservations (e.g., 25Live reservations and Horseshoe Catering), our review does not consider availability of campus space or services or any required special permissions. If you have an event planning document that includes any of the requested information, it can be uploaded rather than copying information into this form. For any questions, please contact Lee Pearson at or Cheryl Addy at


Event Details 

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