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Student Success Center

Support Your Course

A collaborative learning approach can help your students excel. They can gain an enhanced understanding of current course material and study skills to assist them throughout their college careers.

Nominate a Student

Do you think you have a great student? Nominate him or her to be a tutor, SI leader, peer consultant or PWC tutor. 

When choosing classes for Supplemental Instruction, we prioritize challenging, high-enrollment courses that are required for students to progress in their major. The courses tend to be historically difficult, regardless of who is teaching them or how they are being taught. 

Contact to discuss adding support for your course.

Supplemental Instruction sessions are designed to assist undergraduate students who are struggling with the material, as well as high-achieving undergraduate students who want to maintain their A in the class. The goal is to boost student comprehension and success. 

Information about supplemental instruction that should be included on your syllabus:  

Your success in this course is important. 
Your instructor has partnered with the Student Success Center to assist you in better understanding course material which can aid you on your path to success. Resources available to students include: Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Peer Writing & Communications (PWC), and Peer Success Consultations. 

Your instructor may communicate with the Student Success Center regarding your progress throughout the semester, which indicates your instructor is concerned about your progress in this course. If contacted by the Student Success Center, please schedule a Success Consultation right away. Referrals are not punitive, and any information shared by your professor is confidential and subject to FERPA. Student Success Center services are offered to all UofSC undergraduates at no additional cost. Please call 803-777-1000, visit, or come to the Student Success Center in the Thomas Cooper Library (Mezzanine Level) to check schedules and make appointments. 


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