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Meet the Peer Consultants

Peer Consultant Major & Minor/Concentration Money Management Tip Personal Availability Link Keywords
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Delaney Dunn Public Health (Major) "Try to take advantage of student discounts whenever possible! Also, consider using public transportation like USC's COMET to save on gas." Personal Availability Link  
Sophia Owens (First Generation College Student) Business Administration (Major), Spanish (Minor) "Take charge of your financial future and educate yourself early. Small changes in your day-to-day spending are in your control and can impact your financial situation greatly!" Personal Availability Link  
Nina Frattaroli Public Health (Major), Business Administration (Minor) "When making a financial goal, try and make it as specific as possible so that you can fully plan what steps need to be taken to achieve this goal." Personal Availability Link  
Nikki Frattaroli Public Health (Major), Medical Humanities and Culture (Minor) "There are many ways to create and maintain a budget. It is important to find a way that works best for you so that your budget is sustainable." Personal Availability Link  
Taz Graper International Business and Finance (Majors) "Without tracking your expenses, you will have no idea where your money is going. Keep tabs on this so you can make your money work in the best ways possible!" Personal Availability Link  
Taylor Jackson (Former Transfer Student) English (Major), Southern Studies and Education (Minors) "Just keep track of what you spend and keep in mind: it all adds up!" Personal Availability Link  
Taylor Gilliam Finance (Major), African American Studies (Minor) "Start saving by saving small amounts first. " Personal Availability Link  

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