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Student Affairs and Academic Support

GEMS (Gamecocks Who Excel at Magnificent Service)

The GEMS recognition program makes it easy to celebrate employee achievements and say thank you to staff. The GEMS program recognizes specific actions and behaviors that support our division's values: courage, inclusion, innovation, integrity and service.

Thank you! 

View the list of staff members who received GEMS recognition this month. The gift card winners will receive individual notification by email.

Tori Anderson

Audrey Ashburn

Jamie Ayers

Sarah Boler

Drew Branham

Rachel Brasell

Ellery Brewbaker

Lauren Brown

Isha  Caldwell

Joshua Cauble

Jarred  Chestnut

Rebecca  Christopher

Latifah Collins

Allison Combs

Kimberly Dressler

Bridget Duignan

Josh Dunn

Caroline Elliott

Tharangi Fernando

Katie Graham

Emma Griffin

Ryan Gross

Chris Gulino

Tinya Hampton

Kiara Hare

Ambra Hiott

Kirsten Hobbs

Leena Holt

Steven Iacono

Kat James

Kati Jennings

Lisa Jerald

Tarsha Johnican

Somoan  Johnson

Lee Roy Johnson

Andriea Johnson

Sammie Johnston

Chris Keck

Colleen Kelly

Austin LaForest

Ailie MacLennan

Brandon  Mandigo

Jeannie Marks

Nicole Matros

Kim McMahon

Nicole Montgomery

Katie Morton

Jeremy Moses

Emma Ormond

Michelle Otero-Rios

Nick Pashvoss

Brie Penaherrera

Lil Pineda

Jasmine Porterfield

Michelle Priester

Mary Grace Raunikar

Makayla Rippy

Morgan Ruebusch

Amy Sabol

Edna Sims

Helen Sproul

Diamond Strozier

Kira Suttles

Dana Talbert

Caroline Wallace

Stephanie Wicker

Lana Widener

Q Williams

Sidney Wise

Summer Yarborough

Nika Zina

Jamie Ayers

Michael Bates

Sarah Boler

Julie Boyken

Courtney Buzan

Liz Carmon

Emily Cato

Josh Cauble

Megan Colascione

Allison Combs

Caleb Conley

Sarah Corbett

Sean Crymble

Elizabeth Dillon

Kimberly Dressler

Josh Dunn

Lauren Emiliani

Lauren Epps

Celina-Maria Espinosa de Rosales

Aerin  Farrell

Tharangi Fernando

Kelley Fink

Justin Furlough

Katlyn Gaddy

Katie Graham

Chris Gulino

Pam Hall

Nuri Hassan

Matt Hinds

Ambra Hiott

John Hovell

Steven Huber

Rebecca Keilty

Kristin Kelly

Jennifer Keup

Matt Lindenberg

Alexandra Lord

Dom Lynch

Reilie Lyons

Taylor Maroney

Lauren Martini Olson

Erin McDonald

Latasha McKnight

Kim McMahon

Alexis Michalos

Kevin Michel

Chris Miles

Jo Minns

Andrew Mitchell

Rachel Moore

Alyssa Morgan

Katie Morton

Erin O'Neill

Antwan Outen

Helen Powers

Emma Reabold

Morgan Robin

Hailey Robinson

Kaylee Rogers

Morgan Ruebusch

Sarah Scarborough

Carly Seymour

Marie Silver

Da Zhane' Sinclair

Bryan Speight

Mike Stone

John Strahl

Liz Tedder

Taya Treiber

Michelle Unger

Lauren Williams

Quinton (Q) Wilson

Josh Wise

Nika Zina



All employees in the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support are eligible for recognition — full-time, part-time, temporary, research grant/time-limited and graduate assistants.



There are two ways to participate:

  1. Recognize someone online using the form below
  2. Ask your department's business manager or HR contact for a GEMS notecard. Fill it out and send it to the employee you want to recognize, because a handwritten note is always nice.


Gift Card Drawing

When you fill out the online form you and the person you're recognizing both will be automatically entered to win a $25 electronic gift card. If you receive a notecard, complete the form below to be entered to win. Winners are announced at the monthly division meetings and notified directly by email.  



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