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Parking and Transportation Services

Rides On Demand

Overnight campus transportation is available On Demand. Rides On Demand are scheduled from within the TransLōc app. 

The Rides On Demand program is a shuttle service designed to meet our customers at the nearest designated On Demand area to their location, outside of our regular bus service schedule's timetable and/or physical routes. Please always ensure to doublecheck your designated pick-up meeting location and time so as not to miss your ride.

Step 1:  Download the TransLōc mobile application through your Android or Apple device. 

Transloc App Icon

Step 2: Once in the app, click the "On Demand" button at the bottom of the screen.

Transloc Screenshot step 1

Step 3:  Enter the address where you would like to be picked up. There are multiple ways to input an address:

  • Type the address into the search bar.
  • Move the map and select one of the garnet pickup pins. The garnet pin's location is where you will be picked up.
Transloc app screenshot step 2

Step 4:  Enter the address where you would like to be dropped off. 

  • Type the address into the search bar.

Upon completion of these steps, the ride has been scheduled. You can view the ride by clicking "View Ride" from the same page.
Pease note:  Your booked ride will remain in pending status until it is assigned to a driver.

Hours of Operation:
Rides On Demand are available at the times listed below when classes are in session.


10am to 2pm
11pm to 6am (Mon morning)


6pm to 6am (Tue morning)


6pm to 6am (Wed morning)


6pm to 6am (Thur morning)


6pm to 6am (Fri morning)


6pm to 12am (Sat morning)


10am to 2pm

Parking and Transportation Services

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