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Parking and Transportation Services


We want campus travel to be safe and enjoyable for everyone. You can help by following the rules, so learn more about our policies and let them guide you. 
All rules and regulations are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including break periods and holidays.

Parking Essentials

Feeding Meters

Do not put anything but United States coins in parking meters. Inserting any slug, device or substitute for U.S. currency into a parking meter is a misdemeanor and will be tried by a magistrate.

Head-in Parking

You can only park head-in on campus. Pull-through parking and backing into a space is not allowed.

Parking Illegally or in Prohibited Areas

We realize it can sometimes be difficult to find parking. Please remember that your inability to locate a legal space in a parking area is never an excuse for parking illegally.

A standing vehicle is considered parked, even if someone is inside.

You will be towed if you park in certain areas:

  • Fire Hydrants
  • Fire Lanes
  • Yellow Curbs
  • Accessible Spaces (unless you have a accessible permit)
  • Reserved Spaces
  • Driveways, Alleyways, Walkways
  • Sidewalks
  • Grass Areas

Do not block these areas at any time:

  • Curb Ramps
  • Accessible Spaces
  • Service Drives
  • Trash Pickup Areas

All impounded vehicles are towed, stored and released in accordance with the State of South Carolina Code of Regulations 119-21. You assume all risks involved and are responsible for the full cost of impounding and retrieving your vehicle.


If you are using university parking, you must have a valid permit. Only one permit is allowed per person.

Learn more about permits »

Student Employees

Students employed on a part-time basis, regardless of capacity, are not eligible for faculty/staff parking permits.

Speed Limit

Unless otherwise posted, campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour. The speed in all garages is 10 miles per hour.

Traffic Signs

No unauthorized person may alter, deface, knock down or remove any official parking or traffic sign or erect any parking sign without the approval of the University Parking Committee.

Parking Tickets

Appeal Process

Submit appeals through your parking account.

Visit your parking account »

If you feel a ticket was issued in error or without just cause, you can make an appeal within 3 business days of the citation's issue date, 

No appeals will be allowed for any late tickets.

Appeal Review Committee
The Traffic and Parking Appellate Committee is composed of students, faculty and staff members. The Committee meets at least once per month during the fall and spring terms to hear in-person appeals. Written statements are reviewed more frequently.

If you appear in person to present your appeal, the decision will be made the day of the hearing. If you choose to submit a written statement instead, you will receive a decision within 30 days of the appeal. All Appellate Committee decisions are final.

Citation Fines
Violation Fine
Expired Parking Meter $5
Parking Improperly $5
Parking Permit Incorrectly Displayed $5
Parking in a Loading/SVC Zone $15
No Permit for Lot $15
Blocking Sidewalk or Driveway $15
Parking in No Parking Area or On Grass $25
Parking Along Yellow Painted Curb $25
Parked in Reserved Space $25
Parking in a Fire Lane $50
Parking in/Blocking a Disability Space or Access Area $100

If you haven't paid or appealed your citation within three business days, it will increase by $3.

Loss of Parking and Academic Privileges
If you fail to pay your parking fines, you may have your parking privileges revoked and your vehicle impounded. Students who have unpaid parking fines at the end of the semester will also not be allowed to register for classes, get transcripts or receive diplomas until the fines have been paid in full.

Breakdowns, Storage and Security

Vehicle Breakdowns

If your vehicle breaks down on campus, notify University Police (803-777-5160) or Parking Enforcement dispatch (803-777-3351) immediately.

Get your vehicle to a legal parking space or have it removed from campus as soon as possible. If the vehicle has not been moved in 24 hours, it will be towed at your expense.

Stored and Abandoned Vehicles

Please do not store your vehicle in university lots or garages. Vehicles that appear to be stored or abandoned on campus will be towed.

Vehicle Security & Valuables

The university cannot accept responsibility for the care or protection of your vehicle or anything inside it. Please lock your vehicle after you park it, and take all valuables with you.

Reporting Theft or Damage

Contact the University Police Department at 803-777-4215.

Motorcycles and Mopeds

You need a permit to park your motorcycle or moped on campus. Only park in designated motorcycle spaces in surface lots.

Do not park in regular spaces anywhere on campus. Operating a motorcycle or moped on sidewalks or walkways is strictly prohibited.

Do not store your motorcycle or moped in a building on campus. It will be removed and impounded


Any bicycle parked on campus must be registered. Read more.

Parking on campus is governed by the State of South Carolina Code of Laws (1976), sections 56-21-10 through 56-21-60. In addition, all other state laws and city ordinances that apply to the operation and parking of motor vehicles are enforced.

Parking and Transportation Services

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