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Additional Greek Village parking could be available as early as August 2020.

Since Greek Village was first developed, there has been rapid growth in the University of South Carolina’s Greek community. As a result, parking issues near Greek Village have arisen during mandatory meal periods required by the organizations. To address these concerns, the university’s Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee considered a plan on Friday, Sept. 27 to make 800 parking spaces available by utilizing a number of surface parking options located immediately adjacent to Greek Village. These spaces would be exclusively for the use of fraternity and sorority members during meal periods.

This solution would cost significantly less than an older proposal to construct a multi-level parking deck and delivers convenient parking options that more quickly meet the needs of the Greek community.

Note: the project is pending final approval from the Building and Grounds Committee and full Board of Trustees, which is expected to consider the plan during its Oct. 11 meeting.


The Project

The project to make the 800 spaces available during lunch and dinner services would take place in two stages. The first stage of the project would make available 500 spaces by August 2020. An additional 300 spaces would be available by January 2022. The total project is estimated to cost approximately $7.5 million and can be paid in full using previously collected fees. The plan, if approved, would eliminate the current parking fee this fall.


Stage One – 500 parking spaces by August 2020

  • Utilize the existing paved “AD3” lot directly across from the Greek Village at Blossom and Lincoln Streets for the exclusive use of fraternity and sorority members with chapter houses in Greek Village during meal periods.
  • The intramural field at Gadsden and Devine Streets would be repurposed for commuters currently utilizing the AD3 lot. The parking lot will initially be gravel and subject to future improvements after 2020 as part of a state approved project.

Stage Two – 300 parking spaces by January 2022

  • Create a paved lot on land along Devine Street between Thirsty Fellow and the railroad tracks. Currently, the land is the site of two university buildings used for multiple academic programs.
  • The project, which requires state approval, would involve demolition of the buildings and relocation of academic activities currently taking place at the site.
  • Grading of the site, storm water drainage, paving and landscaping is included in the project cost. Safety features like cameras, lighting and call boxes are also included.


Greek Village fee

The fee is associated with infrastructure of the Greek Village. Therefore, members of fraternities and sororities that operate houses in the Greek Village will be charged the Greek Village fee.

The fee will pay for the design, construction, and maintenance of additional parking on Devine Street at the block between Gadsden Street and the railroad tracks. Additional parking will be available for exclusive use by fraternity and sorority members associated with a chapter housed in the Greek Village and will provide additional parking adjacent to the Greek Village during meal times and chapter meetings.

Parking is an auxiliary function of the university, and by state law, tuition and state appropriations cannot be used to support parking operations. Therefore, new design, construction, and maintenance of facilities must be paid for with revenue generated by fees.

The University of South Carolina Board of Trustees voted on the fee – as they do on all fees for students – and approved it. Before their vote, trustees considered input from students, who have voiced concerns about the availability of parking since the Greek Village opened.



The fee will be added to current members’ bills each semester. New members will be charged beginning the semester after they join.

All members associated with a Greek Village facility will be charged the Greek Village fee.

The Greek Village fee will be removed for students who are studying abroad or are out of state on an internship.


Fall 2019 Parking

Parking passes will not be affected in 2019-20. Students who reside in the Greek Village should purchase a GV permit from UofSC Parking Services. Students who park illegally or without a proper permit may be ticketed.

To assist with parking needs this fall, Parking Services has made parking available at Founder’s Park during lunch and dinner in the fall. As always, the university shuttle system is available as an alternative to driving to the Greek Village – which includes the GV lunchtime shuttles. The app TransLoc, is available for students to track shuttles including the shuttles used for the Greek Village. 

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