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Education Abroad Office

National Chung Hsing University

Area: Exchange Program
Location: Taichung
Country: Taiwan
Term: Spring, Fall, Academic Year
Website: National Chung Hsing University


UofSC’s exchange program in Taiwan is designed to help American students gain firsthand knowledge of Taiwanese culture. This program is located in Taichung City, the third largest city on the island. Students will attend the National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) in Taichung City with 16,000 other undergraduate and graduate students. NCHU began as a small institution dedicated to forestry, but is now made up of numerous colleges, such as the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Engineering, and the College of Management, just to name a few. Courses are taught in Chinese or English. Student will also have the opportunity to complete research under a NCHU professors' instruction. 

Students have the option to explore neighboring cities, such as the capital Taipei, as well as natural environments such as Sun Moon Lake and Elephant Mountain. Students will have opportunities to learn about Taiwan’s ancient history by exploring temples, museums and halls. The country’s mild weather allows students to explore the outdoors all year round.

Cost: UofSC resident tuition rates + in-country costs

Requirements: 3.0 GPA

Students on exchange pay in-state tuition directly to USC and do not pay tuition to NCHU. All housing, food, and personal expenses are paid by the student in Taichung. NCHU suggests that students budget approximately $455–$650 per month for housing and living expenses. The actual cost can differ depending on the student’s lifestyle and accomodation choice. To get an idea of​ ​life on site, you will find on the numbeo website indications on the cost of living in Taiwan compared to other countries in the world.

Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours at NCHU per semester. The type of courses available range in topic. To see courses UofSC students have taken at this university, please reference the Registrar's Course Equivalency Table

The Office of Internation Affairs and student groups on campus host various activities and events throughout the semester that international students can participate in. You can also independently explore Taichung

Per university policy, all UofSC students will be charged emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance for their time abroad. Contact the Education Abroad Office for more details.

On campus and off campus options are available to students who study at NCHU. There are 5 dormitories on campus providing accommodation for male students and 4 buildings for female students. Generally, four students share a room. The dormitory provides common bathrooms, laundry, and recreation rooms. 

The academic calendar begins in September and ends in January for the first semester. Second semester begins in February and ends in June. 

There will be an orientation for all exchange students prior to the start of classes. During orientation, students will be given a brief introduction to student life at NCHU as well as register for their pre-approved courses.

All students must have a valid entry visa in order to study in Taiwan. Students who will stay in Taiwan for less than 180 days can apply for a visitor visa. Students who will be in Taiwan more than 180 days will need a resident visa


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