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Women’s and Gender Studies Program

Group working on a square art project

Women's Well-Being Initiative

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

We aim to engage faculty, staff and students in campus-community partnerships that promote the well-being of women and girls in the Midlands, and to enhance the recognition of the full diversity of women's experiences across race, class, age, ethnicity and other dimensions of difference.


What We Do

We conduct research and work in the community to: 

  • Critique public and institutional policies to ensure support for women and girls as they pursue full potential and equality.
  • Challenge disparities relating to the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and other dimensions of inequality that threaten the well-being of women and girls.
  • Create changes through research and activism projects that empower and enrich women and girls, communities, and the Women's and Gender Studies teaching mission.

Over time we hope to:

  • Establish the Women's Well-being Initiative as a focus for a statewide cadre of individuals doing interdisciplinary, collaborative research and activism in the focus areas of health, social activism, and culture.
  • Garner support for the Women's Well-being Initiative by building technological capacity and developing extramural funding including endowment monies, foundation support, and grant funding.
  • Secure resources and training for Women's Well-being affiliates and partners to produce and promote excellent scholarship and effective activism projects.
  • Create a strong, thriving student organization on campus to help fulfill the goals of the WWBI.


Current Community Projects

We plan and facilitates a series of four workshops a year for young women participating in Lexington County's Community Juvenile Arbitration. These workshops are structured to give adolescents the tools they need to recognize oppressive situations in their lives or situations and events that generate low self-esteem, cause depression or create negative feelings toward others. The goal here is to try to help these adolescents find liberation from oppression. While we cannot provide resolute answers to the individual problems facing these youth, it's our goal to propose techniques to help these youth find their own answers and be confident with their selves. Some of these techniques include creating abstract artworks, writing poetry, making collages, and having discussions with peers.


WWBI Student League 

A student-organized branch of the WWBI, the Student League supports current programs and helps develop new initiatives. USC students can get involved with the WWBI by serving as a student representative on the WWBI Community Advisory Board, or having your group or organization collaborate with us on a community project.



The Women’s Well-Being Initiative is looking for volunteers to help with current projects and research initiatives. For more information on volunteering or becoming a member of the Student League, please visit our website or call 803-777-5012.