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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Our People

Since its inception, CENPhys has recruited seven faculty members including four experimentalists, two computational scientists, and a theorist.


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Yaroslaw Bazaliy


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Thomas Crawford


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Scott Crittenden


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Rongying Jin

Interests: The objective of her research is to apply the experimental tools of materials synthesis (often under extreme conditions), compositional tuning, and crystal growth (a better crystal often a new material) to address cutting-edge issues in quantum materials. Her effort has been devoted to the development of new quantum materials with intriguing properties (superconductivity, quantum magnetism, nontrivial topology, thermoelectrics, and multiferroics etc.), the investigation of physical properties: charge, spin and heat transportation, magnetization, specific heat, microscopic (magnetic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, transmission electron microscopy), and spectroscopic (angle-resolved photoemission, and neutron scattering) measurements, and to collaboration with theorists/computational scientists for atomic-level understanding of the observed phenomena.

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Sai Mu


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Yuriy Pershyn


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Yanwen Wu

Interests: The Wu group investigates the optical properties of nanomaterials. There are three main research directions: 1) characterizes and controls the coupling dynamics of a hybrid plasmonic/quantum dot system for applications in photonics and optical information processing, 2) studies the interaction between the ferroelectric and ferrimagnetic components in multiferroic heterostructures nanowires using second harmonic generation, 3) functionalizes ferroelectric polymers as a dynamic platform for tunable photonics.


Lab manager

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Bryan Chavez Sumwalt 333
Jie Xing Sumwalt 333

Graduate Students




Joanna Blawat Sumwalt 333
Daniel Duong Sumwalt 333
Abhinna Rajbanshi Sumwalt 333
Paras Regmi Sumwalt 333

High School Students


School Name

Isoiza Isa SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics
Alex Pan Spring Valley High School


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