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Department of Physics and Astronomy


LONCAPA Log-In Instructions:

To log in to LONCAPA, please use the following:

USERNAME:  network username (this is the same as your UofSC email address before the @)
PASSWORD:  same as for UofSC email, not your VIP password (reset on

Please make sure your username is all lowercase.


Physics and Astronomy Help Center (Loncapa sessions)

During the Spring 2024 term, the Department of Physics and Astronomy will be offering in-person help sessions in a new location, Jones PSC #204 (2nd Floor). Help sessions are optional and open to all students taking introductory physics courses (PHYS 101, 201, 202, 211, 212) at the University of South Carolina.

If you are looking for assistance with your physics homework or just need to understand a concept a little better, we are here to help! Departmental faculty will be available to meet with you.

Teaching Assistants are listed with the course they are teaching. Some may be willing to assist with other courses, but are not expected to do so.

All times start on the hour unless otherwise specified.

Faculty meeting in the Physics and Astronomy Help Center are in bold on the schedule below (you can also download this schedule [pdf]), and by clicking on the name, you will be redirected to the faculty member's personal page:







8 - 9 AM   Alexander Monin (8:30 - 9:30)      
9 - 10 AM     Rongying Jin
Sarah Lynch (9:30 - 10:30) (Phys 212)
Elijah Bartholomew (Phys 211)  
10 - 11 AM Thomas Lee (Phys 211) Ali Khosravi (10:30 - 11:30) (Phys 211)   Siavash Karbasizadeh (Phys 211) Karl Warda (Phys212)
11 AM - 12 PM Deepak Sharma (Phys 211) Ellie Jafarigol (Phys 211)   Yuriy Pershin (11:30 - 12:20) - Jones 503 Karl Warda (Phys212)

Nathan Astin (Phys 212)
12 - 1 PM     Zach Pytel (Phys 212) Corey McAllister (Phys 211) Maria Maybach (Phys 211)
1 - 2 PM Kevin Francis (Physi 211)   Jean-Joseph Benoit (Phys 212) Steffen Strauch - Jones 706B

Vladimir Gudkov (1:30 - 2:30) - Jones 401

Volodymyr Shablenko (Phys 211)

Andrew Boldy (1:00 - 2:30)
(Phys 212)

Karl Warda (Phys212)
Dan Hancock (Phys 212)
2 - 3 PM     Kasra Kiaee (Phys 211)

Cameron Walker (Phys 212)
Karl Warda (Phys212)

Zach Pytel (Phys 212)
3 - 4 PM     Sudheer Muhammad (Phys 211) Varsha Kulkarni

Zach Pytel (Phys 212)
Timir Datta 

Malhar Joshi (Phys 211)
4 - 5 PM Jonathan River (Phys 211)     Roberto Petti (4:30 - 5:30) - Zoom link (online only)  

If the person assigned to a particular day and time is not present, please notify someone in the main office by visiting Jones PSC 404 or by calling 803-777-8105 or 803-777-8104.

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