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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics 101 Laboratory

This page is dedicated to providing you with information about our Physics 101 laboratory.  We strive to make this the most current information available for our lab students.  Please contact our department if there is any missing information about this lab and we will work to add it.

Fall 2023

During the Fall 2023 semester, all Physics 101 laboratory meetings will be held face to face, in Jones PSC 204,  at the assigned course day and time.

PHYS 101 Lab - Fall 2023 - Syllabus [pdf]


Lab Experiment Information

Lab Name Documentation
Free Fall PHYS 101L Free Fall [pdf]
Vector Addition PHYS 101L Vector Addition [pdf]
Newtons Second Law PHYS 101L Newtons 2nd Law [pdf]
The Simple Pendulum PHYS 101L The Simple Pendulum [pdf]
Archimedes' Principle  PHYS 101L Archimedes' Principle [pdf]
Uniform Circular Motion PHYS 101L Uniform Circular Motion [pdf]
Hooke's Law PHYS 101L Hooke's Law [pdf]
The Vibrating String PHYS 101L Vibrating String [pdf]

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