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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Faculty and Staff Directory

Milind N. Kunchur

Title: Professor
Department: Physics and Astronomy
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-1907
Office: Jones, Room 303

Dr. Kunchur's Website and Curriculum Vitae

Milind Kunchur

Research Focus

Professor Kunchur's group investigates phenomena in superconducting nanowires and thin films, as well as other condensed-matter systems, at ultra-short time scales and under extreme conditions of current density, electric field and dissipation levels. This has led to the discovery or quantitative confirmation for the first time of the following phenomena/regimes: (1) Free flux flow (2) Hot-electron vortex instability (3) Flux fragmentation (4) Vortex explosion (5) Flux-creep based memory effect (6) Current-induced pair breaking in a high-temperature superconductor and (7) Superfluid ballistic acceleration. Kunchur's group also developed new instrumentation and methodology for testing the temporal-resolution capabilities of human hearing, as well as the neurological understanding of this fundamental perception. 

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