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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics Problems for Graduate Students

Throughout the semester, our department invites the graduate students to participate in a problem solving competition. One problem will be offered per round of competition, and we will have a few rounds during the semester. The winner of a round  is awarded with $50 towards the purchase of a book of choice in physics or math. In addition, the winner will be featured on the department web page.

Competition Rules

  • All graduate students are eligible to participate.
  • The winner of the round is the first student to submit a correct solution.
  • You can only submit once per round. If your answer turns out to be wrong, you will not have a second chance until the next round.
  • If several correct solutions are submitted within 3 hours, those lacking a clear and understandable explanations will be rated lower.
  • The competition continues until the correct answer is submitted or until the posted deadline is reached.
  • One person can not be a winner more than once per semester. If an existing winner wins again during the same semester, he/she is recognized on the  department web page but does not win the money award. The second place winner gets the book prize in this case.
  • To submit your solution, e-mail a PDF file to

Current Problem

We do not have an active problem at the moment. Check this page for updates!

Previous Problems

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