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Interpersonal Violence

Prioritized List by Subgroup

Implementation Group Co-Leads:
Bill Pruitt & Stacy Fritz


Training & Education Subgroup: Led by Carl Wells Timeframe
Training Oct. 15, 2021
Comprehensive Strategic Training Plan  2021-2022


Reporting Subgroup: Led by Mandy Bidinger Timeframe
Office Structure Fall 2021
Policy Updates 2021-2022
Update Reporting Form Fall 2021
Consolidate Maxient Systems January 1, 2022
Communication Review to Complainants & Respondents 2021-2022
24-hour Response to Report Fall 2021
Map Process Spring 2022
Annual Reporting Fall 2022
App-based Reporting Summer 2021
Academic Liaisons TBD


Advocacy Subgroup: Led by Rushondra James Timeframe
Funding Allocation/SAVIP Fall 2021
Follow Up Interviews 2021-2022
Respondent Resource Committee Fall 2021


Investigation- Adjudication/ Discipline Subgroup: Led by Traci Batchelder Timeframe
Internal Communications 2021-2022
Investigators Fall 2021
Cases that Fall Short of Policy Violations Fall 2021
Investigation Protocols Fall 2021
Serial Microaggressions 2021-2022
Non Protested Class Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy 2021-2022
Case Review TBD
Policies & Procedures TBD
Non-Protected Class Anti-Bullying & Harassment - Review & Resolution of Concerns TBD


Metrics for the Action Items


Interpersonal Violence

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