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Interpersonal Violence

Rights and Consequences

When sexual violence occurs in our community, the University of South Carolina provides measures to protect survivors' safety, hold accused students accountable, prevent future threats to campus and ensure due process for all involved.

The Department of Education released new regulations that took effect on Aug. 14, 2020. The university currently operates under EOP 1.06. Understanding this policy is important to help you determine what your next steps may be and options for resolution. Incidents reported before Aug. 14, 2020, will be referred to prior versions of this policy, which are located on the EOP website.  


Previous Title IX Policies

Between Sept. 20, 2019, and Aug. 20, 2020, and involves a report of sexual harassment.
Download EOP 1.02: Sexual Harassment [pdf]

Prior to Nov. 16, 2018, and involves sexual assault, relationship violence or stalking.
Download STAF 1.08: Sexual Assault [pdf]
Download STAF 1.09: Relationship Violence, Stalking and Harassment [pdf]

Your Rights in the USC Investigation Process


South Carolina Crime Victims' Bill of Rights 

Victims of crimes that occur in South Carolina are guaranteed a number of rights that support justice and due process.

Interpersonal Violence

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