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Student Conduct and Academic Integrity


As ambassadors of the Carolinian Creed, we are entrusted to uphold the core values that influence the culture of our university and shape the character of our scholar community.

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You can manage incident information related to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity through Maxient.


Core Functions

  1. Conduct hearings and provide educational or developmental sanctions. 
  2. Provide educational outreach for individual and community awareness.
  3. Intervene when problematic behavior is identified.



The Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity and the care team process develop and enforce standards of conduct for students inside and outside of the classroom. This is achieved through clearly articulated and consistently administered standards which promote personal growth and preserve the rights and safety of the academic community.



The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) and Academic Integrity (OAI) and the Care Team process are committed to providing experiences, processes and resources that support the advancement of students’ principled decision making, responsible citizenship and adherence to the Carolinian Creed; and which contribute to an environment that supports the health and safety of members so that they may reach academic goals without unnecessary impediments. 
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Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

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