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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Enhancement

Students who are enrolled in STEM-related majors may receive a $2,500 enhancement to the base of their Palmetto Fellows Scholarship award.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a recipient of the base Palmetto Fellows Scholarship for the current year.
  • You must have completed at least two semesters after high school graduation and be in your sophomore, junior or senior year.
  • You must have completed at least 14 hours in mathematics and life and physical science courses or a combination of both during the first year of enrollment. The first year of enrollment includes your fall and spring semesters as well as the summer terms that immediately follow. Courses that can be used to meet the 14-hour requirement include:
    • exempted credit hours
    • Advanced Placement (AP) courses with a score of three or higher
    • dual enrollment courses
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) courses with a score of four or higher
    • College Level Examination Program
    • pass/fail with a grade of "Pass" only.
  • You must be pursuing one of the following majors:
Major College/School Major No. Degree
Chemistry Arts and Sciences 109A B.S.
Chemistry Arts and Sciences 109A B.Sc.
Geophysics Arts and Sciences 133A B.S.
Statistics Arts and Sciences  135A B.S.
Mathematics Arts and Sciences 145A B.S.
Marine Science Arts and Sciences 146A B.S.
Physics  Arts and Sciences 154A B.S.
Cardiovascular Technology  Arts and Sciences  174A B.S.
Geological Science Arts and Sciences 185A B.S.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Arts and Sciences 195A B.S.
Biological Sciences Arts and Sciences 196A B.S.
Environmental Science Arts and Sciences 583A B.S.
Education — Middle Level Ed * Education 314A B.A.
Education — Middle Level Ed * Education 314A B.S.
Computer Science Engineering and Computing 108A BSCS
Computer Information Systems Engineering and Computing 125A B.S.
Engineering Engineering and Computing 450A B.S.E.
Chemical Engineering Engineering and Computing 451A B.S.E.
Electrical Engineering Engineering and Computing 452A B.S.E.
Mechanical Engineering Engineering and Computing 454A B.S.E.
Civil Engineering Engineering and Computing 455A B.S.E.
Computer Engineering Engineering and Computing 456A B.S.E.
Biomedical Engineering Engineering and Computing 470A B.S.
Aerospace Engineering** Engineering and Computing 477A B.S.E.
Integrated Information Technology Engineering and Computing 920A B.S.
Information Science Information and Communications 579A B.S.
Nursing Nursing 050A B.S.N.
Nursing Nursing 051A B.S.N.
Exercise Science Public Health 331A B.S.
Public Health Public Health 586A B.A.
Public Health Public Health 586A B.S.
Pharmaceutical Science Pharmacy 803A B.S.
Pharmacy Pharmacy 800A


Cyber Intelligence*** Arts and Science 123A B.S.

*area of emphasis must be in math and science

**only for students starting fall 2019 or later

***only for students starting Fall 2021 or later

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