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men's rugby club in a huddle

Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs are student organizations created by students and run by students. Either competitive or instructional in nature, our over 60 sport clubs practice and travel.

Sport clubs are different from intramurals, which happen on campus. Sport clubs are usually more of a time commitment, and many have higher dues and equipment costs. Sport clubs also travel to other schools to play, and participants receive coaching and instruction to better their skills.

How To Join

  • Teams are open to all current students, faculty and staff who have completed a liability waiver.
  • Use the table to find and contact the club you're interested in joining.
  • You must have access to your club's reserved space.

Search for a Sport Club or Interest Group

Club Description
4 Square Students come together to enjoy the great game of 4 Square. With a point system and top 10 rankings, this is an all-new way to play 4 Square. No experience needed.

AcroYoga is for those who primarily find interest in flow arts and acrobatic yoga; however, we also dabble in yoga, meditations, message therapy, reiki, acrobatics, kendama and at our core, strengthening human and spiritual connection.

Anglers ANGLERS is the university's official competitive bass fishing team. We offer an extracurricular learning environment in the field of competitive fishing. All fishing styles and skill levels welcome.

The Ballroom Dance Club teaches dances in the American and International styles including the waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, samba, jive, swing, blues, cha cha, rumba and salsa. We host an annual competition and travel to competitions during the school year. Beginners are welcome.  

Barbell The Gamecock Barbell Club spreads knowledge about barbell sports, including Olympic lifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding. The club also focuses on wellness education, nutrition and lifting technique.
Baseball Our club members play competitive baseball within the National Club Baseball Association. Also helps to form a group of friends that can last a lifetime.
Basketball – Men's The Carolina Gamecock Basketball Club was ranked number one in the nation for three weeks and captured the regional championship in 2017. The club is shooting for its first national championship title next.
Basketball – Women's The Carolina Gamecocks Women's Basketball Club travels to opposing schools to play in tournaments, conference games and scrimmages. This organization brings together all women with a common interest in continuing their basketball careers and also continuing to learn about the game of basketball as it continues to evolve for women around the world.
Boxing Fun, friendly, learning environment for students of all boxing experience levels. Members will train and learn boxing techniques for fitness, self-defense and competitive purposes, as well as participate in boxing workouts focused on heavy bag hitting, sparring and cardio.
CHAARG Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls (CHAARG) aims to spark a passion in college-aged girls about health and fitness. We help CHAARG girls "find their fit" and have fun in the process. We partner with local studios to lead CrossFit, Pure Barre, cycling or other workouts.
Football For students who have never played the sport to experienced athletes, South Carolina’s Club Football team is a fun and competitive environment. You will learn things about the sport you were never aware of, and you will gain leadership skills & friends with a common interest.
Cornhole Enjoy playing cornhole in a competitive atmosphere with others.
Cross Country The club practices six times a week. Practices aren't mandatory; just come as often as your schedule allows. All skill levels welcome and any scheduled competitions are optional.
Dance Company The USC Dance Company is designed to challenge gifted undergraduate students, and prepare them for professional careers in the field of dance.
Disc Golf

The disc golf club fields teams that compete in college disc golf tournaments. We welcome players of all levels and teach the game to new players. Our spirited disc golf community, which is involved with Columbia disc golf clubs, acts as stewards on local courses and promote the game to others.

Diving Interested in diving? Want to meet new people? Want to get some exercise? The Carolina Dive Club is a fun and recreational outlet for students to get involved.
Equestrian The Equestrian Club promotes participation and sportsmanship in competition among all students without regard to level of riding skill.

The South Carolina eSports Club offers an environment where eSports fans can meet other enthusiasts, play and even compete. Competitive teams include: Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and SMITE.

Eventing The Eventing Club participates in intercollegiate eventing-sanctioned horse trials. Eventing is an Olympic equestrian sport where a horse and rider combination compete against others in three disciplines: dressage, show jumping and cross country. The club does not hold try-outs and is open to those with or without a horse Members can participate in mounted and unmounted activities.  
Fencing The club is open to all levels of fencers within the school. We offer introductory fencing lessons and pride ourselves on being a first-time source of fencing experience. While many members are new to the sport with an interest in fencing, we also have experienced fencers who come to practice and help those who are new.
Field Hockey The popular Northern sport of field hockey is gaining a foothold in Columbia. Join our club to learn basic field hockey skills and game movement fundamentals.
Golf The university's Club Golf Team has more than a love of playing golf. Our members play for fun and competitively. We were honored to capture the Spring 2016 NCCGA National Championship.
GORE Gamecock Obstacle Race Enthusiasts love trail running, obstacles and mud. Our weekly workouts prepare members for challenging obstacles and terrain. Join experienced obstacle course racing athletes who have the knowledge and skill to help you on and off the course. 
Gymnastics A club that offers both men’s and women’s recreational and competitive gymnastics. It is open to students with all levels of experience. Whether you have never done gymnastics before or you have been competing for 16 years. The team is a National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) registered team.
Ice Hockey The Ice Hockey Club provides opportunities to play competitive hockey in a positive team environment. Along with playing time, students can gain experience in sports management, by managing the team's annual budget, promotions, marketing, operations and more. 
International Soccer Club (IFC) The International Soccer Club brings together students of all cultures and backgrounds. You'll have plenty of playing time with two practices and a game each Sunday. Many players also make connections that extend far beyond the field. Tryouts are usually within the first full week of students returning to campus. 
Irish Dance Offers dancers a practice setting at USC. All who are interested are welcome to join and will be taught basic steps of Irish dance. 
Jiu Jitsu and Judo The University of South Carolina's Jiu Jitsu and Judo Club offers Gi and No-gi instructional classes. All skill levels are welcome at any point in the semester. Just show up!
Kosmic Dance Club The Kosmic Dance Club provides students interested in Korean pop music, language, and culture a fun and safe space to freely express themselves through dance and physical activity all while bonding with other students of all genders and backgrounds. The choreography we learn is mostly based off of hip-hop with some jazz techniques on the side. We require no prior dance experience so all are welcome!
Lacrosse – Men's If you're a fan of face-paced field lacrosse, join the Men's Lacrosse Club. We are a group of men who strive for success on and off the lacrosse field.
Latin Dance

Our members are instructed in social Latin dances such as salsa, bachata, merengue and Latin-style cha-cha. No dance experience is necessary and anyone is welcome. Latin Dance Club members go dancing in the salsa community as often as possible.

Moksha Moksha is a competitive fusion dance team that blends eastern and western styles of dance, such as Bollywood, hip hop, Bhangra and contemporary, and performs at USC campus events and dance competitions throughout the country. We recently won second place at East Carolina University!
Mountaineering and Whitewater Rafting Members of the Mountaineering and Whitewater Rafting (MWW) club strive to connect students with the great outdoors through a strong community of outdoor enthusiasts. We welcome students of all experience levels to come out and enjoy the beautiful Southeast. Experience our area firsthand through activities like backpacking and whitewater boating as you test yourself in new ways.
Movement Carolina Movement is devoted to the practices of parkour, freerunning and tricking. Enjoy an environment that's safe for practicing your skills. Learn the basics with us and then grow your parkour, freerunning and tricking techniques.
Pershing Rifle

Pershing Rifle serves as a regulation and exhibition drill team, color guard and honor guard for USC and our R.O.T.C departments.  We strive to form discipline, teamwork and a winning sprit.

Project Dance

Project Dance is a student-run performance team that showcases at charity and student events in the USC community. We focus on contemporary, jazz, and hip hop, but have featured classes in ballet and lyrical. We hold open classes the first Monday of every month.


Inspired by the Harry Potter novels, quidditch is a co-ed full contact sport with a mix of elements from basketball, football, and dodgeball. The Quidditch League at USC prides itself on hard work, competitive play, and respect for both the game and its players. Gamecock Quidditch is associated the United States Quidditch (USQ) organization and attends tournaments across the nation, including the US Quidditch Cup (World Cup).

Racquetball Enjoy the fast play of racquetball in a community of members who share your passion. Join the Racquetball Club for fitness or for fun!
Rowing The Rowing Club rows on the Broad River and competes against teams from all over the United States at regattas. The club offers all students a chance to row, compete against elite level competition including fully-funded varsity and international programs, and improve your fitness through rowing.
Rugby – Men's Rugby is a high contact, internationally popular sport similar to American football except that its played without pads. The Men’s Rugby Team competes on a national level against other universities in the Southeastern College Rugby Conference (SCRC) for rugby 7's and 15's and in invitational tournaments and competitions.
Rugby – Women's The Women's Rugby Club plays for fun and competes on many weekends across the Southeast. All interested players are welcome — no rugby experience necessary. 
Sailing As a collegiate race team and an interest club, our team is dedicated to promoting the sport of sailing among college students. The Gamecock Sailing team consists of a dinghy race team as well as a keelboat team that compete both locally and throughout the collegiate race circuit.

This fun-loving community strives to learn more about the world below the surface one dive at a time while fostering friendships and a love of travel along the way. We welcome anyone interested in joining, whether you're not yet certified or a seasoned diver. Our certification classes are for those who have never been diving and for more advanced divers. 

Seidokan Aikido The Seidokan Aikido Club offers regular martial arts and self-defense training. Aikido's gentle nature allows for controlling a situation without resorting to physical harm. In addition to practices, the club holds regular socials and special events.
Soccer – Men's The Men's Club Soccer at the University of South Carolina is for those who love playing soccer and promoting the game. Our team's goal is to compete both regionally and nationally each season.
Soccer – Women's Our club team travels and competes throughout the Southeast in each semester. We play within a regional league in the fall and travel to multiple tournaments and matches in the spring.
Swimming Gamecock Club Swimming is an organization for active, retired or new athletes interested in competitive swimming. Each semester the team travels to meets to compete against and interact with other collegiate club swim teams. 

The Swype Dance Organization practices and exercises the various aspects of hip-hop dance while creating a fun community for any member of the student body who is interested in joining. No experience is necessary to join. Members of the club have a wide range of experience and skills.

Tennis The Tennis Club is a group of college students interested in a high level of tennis play. We practice four times a week and have the opportunity to travel to places such as Hilton Head Island, Charleston, Auburn and other college campuses. 
Triathlon The Gamecock Triathlon Club welcomes first-time racers as well as those who are experienced. The club members have the opportunity to travel and compete in triathlons across the Southeast each season.
Ultimate Frisbee – Men's Gamecock Ultimate aims to promote the sport of ultimate Frisbee and the spirit-of-the-game philosophy that's integral to the sport. We strive to develop talent and compete at the regional and national level against other university clubs.
Ultimate Frisbee – Women's Whether you've played ultimate Frisbee all your life or you're currently googling ultimate Frisbee, we want you. Scorch is a team of dedicated women who like to work hard and have fun. Almost all of our players have no previous experience before coming to USC, but it's easy to find your place on this team if you have positive energy and are dedicated to making yourself a better player.
Volleyball – Men's

USC Men's Club Volleyball is looking to build upon our growth and success — finishing tied for ninth in the country in 2016. We have two squads and are looking to add new members to our club at all skill levels. Whether you're an experienced high school or club athlete, or looking to try the sport for the first time, we welcome anyone who loves to play the sport we love.

Volleyball – Women's The members of the Women's Volleyball Club practice, compete and enjoy the game of volleyball together. Build or hone your volleyball skills in the friendly yet competitive atmosphere you crave.
Water Ski The Carolina Water Ski Club practices off-campus weekly at either a private lake or Lake Murray. The club is open to all levels of water skiers, and competes in the South Atlantic Conference of collegiate water skiing. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced tournament skier or a wakeboarder, come join us on the water!
Wrestling The Gamecock Wrestling Team is an avenue for wrestlers at the University of South Carolina interested in training and competing at the collegiate level. The club provides convenient facilities, offers non-mandated competition, and facilitates personal growth. It also serves as an athletic team substitute with the opportunity to travel and compete against both individuals and teams registered in the NCWA and NCAA.

Officer's Toolbox

Find forms and instructions for purchases, facility reservations, travel forms and more for your sports organization.

Important Numbers

Contact Stephen Monette, sport club coordinator, at or 803-576-9377. Contact Campus Recreation by calling 803-576-9375 or for weather cancellations, call 803-777-5725.

In accordance with the Tucker Hipps Transparency Act, the university publishes a report on actual findings of violations involving alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, physical assault and hazing by student organizations formally affiliated with the institution.

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