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Student Health Services

Eating Well

Build healthy, mindful eating habits by participating in our programs, or get one-on-one support through our dietitian consultations and counseling services.

Nutrition Consultations

Unless you've been referred by a doctor or have a known medical condition, we'll start your nutrition education and consultation with a Balanced Eating Group.

Balanced Eating Group

In an hour-long class, a registered dietitian will help you learn to choose meals and snacks on campus, plus provide mindful eating tips and hunger/fullness cues. You can also get help identifying vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free items.

Register for a class on MyHealthSpace under Groups/Workshops.

Be Well Balanced Eating Health Coaching

As a follow-up to Balanced Eating Group, individual health coaching is available to guide participants in establishing lasting health behaviors based on their individual needs.

Doctor Referrals

If you've been referred by a doctor or have a known medical condition, you should make an appointment for one-on-one nutrition services.


Programs and Events

Cooking Classes

Our free, hands-on cooking classes last an hour to an hour and a half and are taught by a registered dietitian. Open to any skill level. 

All classes are held in the Center for Health and Well-Being Demonstration Kitchen.

Upcoming Classes

Look for fall dates later this summer.

Register for a Class
Sign up on MyHealthSpace under Groups/Workshops.

Request a Presentation »
We offer cooking presentations as one of our wellness presentation options.

The Body Project

Love the skin you're in! The Body Project days are about promoting a healthy body image. You'll learn about ways to reduce your risk for obesity, stop yo-yo dieting and improve your self-confidence.

Meet in the Green Quad Lounge.

Look for fall dates later this summer.

Eating Mindfully

In these hour-long classes, registered dietitians will help you learn how to eat mindfully.

All sessions are held in the Journalism and Mass Communications Building, Room 116.

Look for fall dates later this summer.


Counseling for Disordered Eating 

People with disordered eating, or eating disorders, can come in any shape or size. 

Make an Appointment »
We have a team of health care providers here to help if you're struggling with your eating habits or your relationship with food. For more information, call Counseling & Psychiatry at 803-777-5223.