Skip to Conten - Service to others is at the heart of the University of South Carolina experience. This homepage shows vignettes of student service on campus, in South Carolina, across the United States and around the world. Service starts at home and has no limits.t
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The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself in service to others. -Mohandas Gandhi

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Serving Our Campus

Carolinians care for one another. That's a key tenet of the Carolinian Creed. We believe giving back should be at the heart of any experience, and it starts on campus. Student organizations, university departments, academic units, service-learning classes and campus partners contribute to both university- and student-led initiatives.

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Serving Our State

By emphasizing hands-on tasks that address real-world concerns, service learning is a critical component of the curriculum at UofSC. It also adds to classroom experiences by raising questions and providing opportunities to discuss these concerns in depth. In 2013-2014, 87 courses in 22 departments provided service-learning opportunities, including the second annual CreateAthon@USC, organized by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

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Serving Our Nation

The impact of service at UofSC reaches beyond South Carolina. By offering community service programs that start both within and beyond the classroom, we prepare students for a lifetime of community leadership and responsible citizenry. The Alternative Breaks program includes community service-learning trips during the university's fall, winter and spring breaks. Student-led teams travel locally and nationally, and they gain new perspectives on social issues while meeting community needs.

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Serving Our World

UofSC students, faculty and staff know that creating a better world through service has no boundaries. International service opportunities abound at UofSC, from the Thinking Globally program, which brings global service to our community with international student ambassadors who share the world with classrooms throughout Columbia, to the Dobson Global Volunteer Service Program, designed for students and faculty who want to make a positive difference in the world and help people in need.

Service is at the heart
of the UofSC experience …

Around the World

Across the Nation

Within the State

Service Starts at Home

Our service has No Limits.