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Department of Philosophy

Faculty Profile Update

Fill in and submit the form below to request updates to your profile page, viewable at

Home > People > [your name].

It is strongly recommended that with the exception of changes to 'Resources' (for which see the instructions in the form) you type the text as you want it in a word processor on your local machine, save it, and then copy and paste it into the form below.  If you are making small changes to lengthy text (such as 'Research Interests'), please copy the existing text into your word processor, make the changes, then paste it all back into the form.  (Given the way the system works, this procedure is the only reasonable way to ensure that the text is exactly as you want it to be.)

The system accepts only plain text.  The web editor will take steps to ensure reasonable formatting.

Once submitted, you will not see the change immediately.  The web editor will receive a notification and will make the change at his or her earliest convenience.  Thanks for your patience.

N.B.:  Instructions for each part of the form appear underneath the input area.

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your name

separate distinct titles with a semi-colon (e.g., "Professor of Philosophy; Director, Center for Silly Walks")

Do not include 'department of'. Separate departments with a semi-colon. E.g., "Philosophy; Silly Walks"

your preferred email address

Your office number (e.g., "Byrnes 420")

Describe the changes that you want made; include links for anything that is external to our web site. For CVs, email the CV to the web editor.

Indicate a sub-heading by enclosing it in asterisks (e.g., *Education*, *Research Interests*, *Recent Publications*).



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