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Linguistics Program


The faculty and students in the Linguistics Program are involved in a variety of research projects.  These projects range across the discipline and appear in a variety of publications.

Language Conflict Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Global Ethnolinguistic Conflict is a curated digital source of information about ethnolinguistic conflicts and language rights violations around the world, information not readily available elsewhere. Conflict cases are geo-located, with information about the state/territory of the conflict, the ethnolinguistic parties to it, its history and linguistic background, and relevant language rights issues. Database filters allow users to compare and contrast conflicts, sorted by conflict type, language family, location, etc.


The MultiMo website is devoted to the documentation and study of Multiple Modals (MMs) and features resources and opportunities for our understanding of them.


Where most English language education games focus on spelling and vocabulary, Wordification® places the emphasis on linguistic principles and word morphology, and thus serves as a more useful teaching aid for learning the language.

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