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Linguistics Program

Our People

The Linguistics Program adheres to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of language. Its faculty represent a range of departments and schools across the university.





Amit Almor Associate Professor, Psychology Psycholinguistics, Neuroimaging of Language, Language Impairments

Anne Bezuidenhout

Professor, Philosophy Philosophy of Language, Semantics, Pragmatics
Elaine Chun Associate Professor, English Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Race/Gender, Asian American Language
Amanda Dalola Assistant Professor, Languages/French Phonetics, Sociophonetics, Sociolinguistics, Theoretical Phonology, Lab Phonology, Historical Romance
Stanley Dubinsky Professor, English Syntax, Semantics
Kurt Goblirsch Professor, Languages/ German Germanic Linguistics (German, English, Scandinavian), Historical Linguistics, Phonology, Dialectology
Eric Holt Assocate Professor, Languages/ Spanish Hispanic Linguistics, History and Dialects of Spanish and Portuguese, Second Language Spanish Pronunciation, Phonology, Optimality Theory
Jiang Liu Assistant Professor, English Language acquisition, Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Chinese linguistics (Chinese tones, Chinese character recognition)
Qiandi Liu Assitant Professor, English Second Language Acquisition, ESL Writing, Grammar Pedagogy
Paul Malovrh Associate Professor, Languages/ Spanish Second Language Acquisition, Hispanic Applied Linguistics, Learner Development of Form-Function Mapping, Psycholinguistic Processing Strategies
Nina Moreno Associate Professor, Languages/Spanish Second Language Acquisition, Spanish Applied Linguistics, Computer Assisted Language Learning
Robin K. Morris Professor, Psychology Psycholinguistics, Language Processing in Reading, Word Recognition, Lexical Access
Jennifer F. Reynolds Professor, Anthropology Linguistic Anthropology, Pragmatics, Language Ideology, Language Socialization, Narrative and Performance
Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva Research Associate Professor, Program Director Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Syntax, Slavic Linguistics
Tracey L. Weldon Associate Professor, English Sociolinguistics, African American English, Gullah




Junko Baba Associate Professor, Languages/Japanese
Dirk den Ouden Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Lara Ducate Professor, Languages/German
Sherina Feliciano-Santos Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Dan Fogerty Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Scott Gwara Professor, English
Lara Lomicka-Anderson Professor, Languages/French
Susi Long School of Education/Instruction and Teacher Education
Sherry Warren Academic Director, English Programs for Internationals
Chrystal Werfel Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders





Annie Dumenil Languages/French
Michael Montgomery English
Dorothy Disterheft English
Alexandra Rowe English Program for Internationals