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Linguistics Program


Explore the upcoming events for the faculty and students of the Linguistics Program at South Carolina. You can also browse our past program events and social/graduate student events.

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Upcoming Events


Recurring Reading Groups

          Historical Linguistics
          Organizer: Price L. Lassahn-Worrell
          Meeting times: Every other Monday
          Location: Zoom (LP)

          Second Language Acquisition
          Organizer: Lesley Smith 
          Meeting times: Every other Thursday
          Location: Zoom (LP)

          SemPrPhi (Semantics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Language)
          Organizer: Kanan Luce
          Meeting times: Every other Monday
          Location: Zoom (LP)

          SLAB (Sociolinguistics/Linguistic Anthropology Lab)
          Organizer: Paige Pinkston
          Meeting time: Every other Monday
          Location: Zoom (LP)

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