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Film and Media Studies Program

  • Rebecca Dymock with Mark Cooper

2018-2019 Ina Rae Hark Award

Meet Rebecca Dymock

What led you to major in Film and Media Studies? 

I have always been interested in photography, marketing campaigns, movies and various forms of media. After taking a few TV Production classes in high school I was interested in learning about the film and television industry from an analytical point of view. I was also interested in learning about the industry from a production point of view, which lead me to add an additional major in Media Arts. Working in both majors has lead me to have a fuller understanding of the media industries and has provided me with a variety of experiences within them.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your Film and Media Studies coursework so far? The most challenging? 

The most rewarding aspect of majoring in Film and Media Studies is that I am constantly surrounded by what I am studying. Now that media has become much more present than it was in the past, new examples can be found everywhere. I really enjoy when I am watching a television show or movie and notice a strategy or technique that I recognize from class. The most challenging part has been trying to get a good grasp on all areas of the industries. The field covers and incredibly large amount of topics and it can be a little overwhelming when you realize just how much of the world is connected to the media industries.

What are your plans for summer 2018 and beyond?

I have accepted a position with SCETV as an ETV Endowment Intern this summer. I will be working with the Digital Team and I am very excited about the work I will be doing! Upon graduation I plan to pursue a career within the television industry. I hope that my time with SCETV will allow me to focus my interests into a more specific area of the TV industry.

What advice would you give to students considering a major in Film and Media Studies?

The great thing about the Film and Media Studies is that it is connected to so many different industries. I would encourage any student with an interest to try a few classes. Having a strong understanding of the media industries can be complementary to a variety of fields. It really is a great background for so many different careers.


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