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Film and Media Studies Program

2019-2020 Ina Rae Hark Award Recipient

2019-2020 Ina Rae Hark Award

What led you to major in Film and Media Studies? 

When I was in high school; I was very interested on movies. So, when I was in my other college, I took a class that works with film equipment to see if I like it and to see if this is what I wanted to work with in the future. Easy enough, I did like it and I saw that USC has majors related to films, and I decided to take Film and Media Studies to see if my mind was going to open more (and it did).

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your Film and Media Studies coursework so far? The most challenging? 

The most rewarding aspect of my Film and Media Studies coursework so far has been that I got to meet people that are interested on being in the industry, and also, I got to meet some of the best professors in the classes that I’ve been in. Another rewarding aspect has been that I’ve been able to talk to some of my fellow peers that are in Film and Media Studies and talk about the topics related to the things that we learned in classroom and talk for hours, and learning more about the reasons that they are taking this major. The most challenging part has been an assignment that we had to do, and it was an analysis of a certain film. Sometimes making examples that the film uses can be rather confusing at times. Also, there were parts that I struggle with the most, as an illustration, sometimes the readings that each class provides can be difficult at times to understand. Nevertheless, with the help of the professor, I managed to understand more of the things that I do not have to do on the paper.

What are your plans for summer 2018 and beyond?

I hope I get a work on the film industry since I have been enjoying of what the professors tells us about their experiences on what happens in the industry, and what are the process of individuals working on certain locations. Therefore, I hope that in the future I can become a film director or if I can’t, maybe work in a certain part related to the industry.

What advice would you give to students considering a major in Film and Media Studies?

Even if you are or are not a fan of films and TV shows or interested in working in the industry, consider taking a class on the Film and Media Studies. There are many things that are taught in a single class that you can think that is very impossible, but it was possible, and it got made. If you are confused at a certain part in your class, the professors are really passionate about their work and they can help you.