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Film and Media Studies Program

  • Steimer Fire Hand


Film and Media Studies professor Lauren Steimer demonstrates a Fire Burn stunt with the Irish Stunt Guild.

Film and Media Studies students learn to explain and reimagine a society saturated by audio-visual media—from cinema and radio to television, mobile microscreens, and video games. They are assisted in this effort by an internationally regarded faculty that pursues diverse investigations of past, present, and future media artworks, industries and audiences.

History and Future Direction

Established first as an undergraduate minor in 1996, the Film and Media Studies Program at USC has grown steadily since being unveiled as a major in 2001. Our alumni have gone on to pursue diverse careers in media as well as advanced studies in the discipline, and the goal of original scholarship on popular media culture instilled by our founder Dr. Ina Rae Hark lives on in our program today. 

While the university does not currently offer a graduate degree in film and media studies, 500-level courses offered by the program are open to graduate students as well as undergraduates. Other departments may offer enrolled graduate students opportunities to include work in the discipline in their courses of study. Interested students should look for classes taught by program faculty, most of whom hold appointments in either the Department of English or the School of Visual Art and Design. We plan to expand our graduate-level offerings and look forward to a great future. 


Visit and Apply

We  encourage you to schedule a campus tour through the Visitor Center and indicate that you are interested in film and media studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a prospective film and media studies major, you'll apply to the University of South Carolina through the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

For more information, please contact us or talk with a member of our faculty or staff directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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