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Technology Commercialization Office

Disclose Your Invention

Submitting your invention disclosure to our office is the first step towards protecting your research, securing your rights as an inventor, and determining strategies for commercialization. We strongly encourage researchers to file disclosures on their inventions, even if the commercial potential is unknown or difficult to define.

Ready to disclose?

Access our Invention Disclosure Form using your network name and password. Please answer all fields thoroughly and completely. You may save and review your progress before submitting. 


Completing a Disclosure

Your invention disclosure provides us with a description of the invention, identity of any co-creators, source of any research funding, interest by the market, and previous disclosures to the public. This information will be provided to outside patent counsel to start the patent filing process and to our internal team to begin the marketing evaluation. You will receive confirmation when we have recieved your disclosure along with its technology identification number.


Post-Disclosure Considerations

After you file an invention disclosure, our team will evaluate your technology in several areas including market size, competitive analysis, prior art, patent landscape, technical merit, and growth potential to gather a more robust view of market needs and patentability. During this process, someone from our office may contact you with additional questions. Once an invention disclosure is submitted and accepted, please inform us of any new developments or publications that may describe improvements to your invention.

Technology Commercialization Office

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