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Technology Commercialization Office

License Innovative Solutions

USC faculty and students continually generatie new discoveries at the forefront of technological innovation. Our office supports the commercialization of these research breakthroughs by engaging industry partners who have the passion, expertise, resources, and commitment to transform them into viable and market-ready products.

Mutually-Beneficial Outcomes

When companies license University technologies, both parties win. Industry partners gain innovative solutions that give them competitive advantages in the marketplace. In turn, revenue flows back into the University's research programs to fund the next generation of disruptive innovations.


Types of Licenses

TCO grants licenses on foreign and domestic patent rights and copyrights. We work with you to create a license that is mutually beneficial and is open to exclusive and non-exclusive opportunities, country-specific or worldwide rights of use, and other creative solutions to your business needs.


Overview: Licensing Process

We understand that momentum and efficiency is crucial when reaching strategic goals or fulfilling market needs. Therefore, we make it a priority to prepare and execute negotiations that are expeditious and reasonable.

We are eager to assist you in finding a technology opportunity and assessing its value to your company based on the present and future needs of your business.

After a technology opportunity is identified that fits within the scope of your company's focus areas, we will put in place a confidentiality agreement to protect your proprietary information, as well as that of the University's, while licensing discussions continue in depth.

We are flexible in licensing terms that meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of industry and ensure successful commercialization. Each license is adapted to the unique business opportunity it presents. Financial terms are determined based on the individual technology (up-front, time-dependent, or milestone-based). 

Once the terms of a license agreement are established, the licensee will develop the technology to be integrated into their product or service offering. These efforts may entail further research, obtaining regulatory approvals, benchmark testing, manufacturing, distribution, training, etc.

TCO will continue to monitor and audit milestones, reporting, and royalty distributions as outlined in the license for the duration of the agreement.

Opportunities may emerge during the course of a license agreement that may open the door for new strategic partnerships.

Technology Commercialization Office

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