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Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Student Organization Cases

As a guiding principle, groups will be held responsible for the acts of members when those acts grow out of, or are in any way related to, group life.

Reasons for a Group Hearing

  • A violation arises out of an event sponsored, financed or endorsed by a campus group.
  • A group leader has knowledge of the incident before it occurs and fails to take corrective action.
  • The incident occurs on the premises owned or operated by the group.
  • A pattern of individual violations is found to have existed without proper and appropriate group control, remedy or sanction.
  • Members of a group act in concert, or the organization provides the impetus for violation of university rules and regulations.

All circumstances surrounding the incident will be evaluated to determine whether a group may be held collectively responsible for an individual member's actions.

Read the Official USC Code of Conduct [pdf].


What to Expect

A single group representative will attend the hearing. Advisors are welcome to be present to support the group. You will meet with the hearing officer for 30-60 minutes. This is typically an informal, one-on-one discussion.

Missing Your Meeting
If you fail to attend your first scheduled meeting, a few things may happen:

  • A registration hold will be placed on your records.
  • You will be unable to register for classes or make changes to your schedule.
  • A new meeting will automatically be scheduled for you.

Missing Your Rescheduled Meeting
If you again do not attend, a decision will be made without you, using the information available. A letter will be sent to your university email outlining the decision and outlining any additional steps you need to take.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity