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Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Honor Code Sanctions

We use sanctions to hold our students accountable to the standards of behavior set by our honor code. The severity of the sanctions will align with community standards and increase with subsequent violations.

Sanction Submission Form

Submit paperwork and other documents related to your case. 

The sanctions administered by our office may be in addition to a grade penalty. The faculty member or instructor of the course can choose to issue a grade penalty.

Educational Sanctions

This is a multi-week workshop designed to help you understand the university's honor code policies, develop better decision-making skills and evaluate the effects of your behavior. This workshop is delivered online through Blackboard.


You will watch the Honor Code Tutorial and take an Honor Code Quiz to help you understand the Honor Code policies and recognize behaviors that can violate the Honor Code. 

This is an online self-paced seminar designed to help you understand why academic integrity is important. The seminar is designed for students to reflect and analyze "social trust and mutual obligation in personal, social, and economic relationships".  The seminar takes most students between 5 - 15 hours to complete the course. To access the course visit the Academic Integrity Seminar's website. There is a $100 cost associated with this workshop that will be discussed in your meeting.  

You will attend a success consultation at the Student Success Center to enhance your academic skills. You will schedule your appointment online, complete this consultation, and submit verification to the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. 

You will attend an appointment with the Writing Center. You will schedule your appointment online, complete the appointment and provide "proof of attendance." The Writing Center provides "proof of attendance" in the form of a post-session report that you must elect to have sent to our office email at  in order for you to receive credit for your sanction.

Your project or essay will be related to academic integrity, ethics or honorable behavior in the discipline where the offense occurred. You will discuss the parameters of the project with a staff member, and your project will be evaluated by someone from our office.

You'll be under a period of review and observation. You will also be given official notice that another Honor Code violation will likely result in a more severe outcome. You could possibly be suspended or expelled from the university. 

The statement "Violation of USC Honor Code" will appear below the grade on your transcript.  The grade shall be treated in the same way as any grade would be for the purposes of Grade Point Average and determination of academic standing.

Petition to Remove Transcription Notation Process

You may petition to remove a transcript notation at least one calendar year after the resolution of the academic integrity case. To be eligible, students must also have completed the sanctions from their case. Students who have had another violation of the Honor Code after the notation has been sanctioned are ineligible to petition.Students filing a petition to remove a transcript notation will need to provide the following:

  •  A personal statement (500 words) outlining how you have learned from the violation and why the notation should be removed. Your personal statement must present evidence of your growth, including positive examples of how your experience with the academic integrity process affected your future.

  • Three letters of recommendation should also be included. One letter of recommendation must come from any faculty member affiliated with the university. Letters from relatives will not be accepted. Letters should focus on the individuals recommendation as to why the notation should be removed; and could include details related to your commitment to academic responsibility, your growth as a result of this incident, and/or future goals and how the notation may impact these goals. 

  • The personal statement and letters of recommendation must be submitted using the Transcript Notation Petition Form.

A three-person panel will determine if the request for removal has been met by the student. The panel shall consist of two college liaisons with one representing the class in which the violation occurred, and one Office of Academic Integrity staff member who was not the original hearing authority for the case.

This process should be utilized only for cases heard at the beginning of the fall 2017 semester. For cases heard prior to the fall 2017 semester, please contact our office to determine how to petition to remove the transcript notation. 

If you are suspended from the university, you will be denied enrollment and attendance at USC, and prohibited from accessing any part of campus or the university's properties. You may be allowed to apply for readmission after your suspension period with or without restrictions, and you may have to complete a probation period upon your return to campus.

Delayed Suspension
You will be allowed to continue your coursework, but you will be under restrictions from student conduct and academic integrity. If you fail to follow all requirements of your restrictions, you will be suspended immediately.

Expulsion results in permanent dismissal from the university.


Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

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