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GTA/GIA Orientation Workshops

All graduate students who will be newly appointed Graduate Teaching or Instructional Assistants (TAs) are required to participate in the university-wide TA Orientation (TAO) prior to teaching their first semester. TA Orientation is an important part of the University’s Graduate TA/IA Training Program and will help to ensure your success as a TA at UofSC.

GTA/GIA Orientation Workshops

All graduate teaching and instructional assistants who have any kind of instructional or teaching assistance responsibilities must participate in Graduate TA/IA Orientation.  These workshops provide concise, helpful information, resources and guidance on developing your teaching skills as you prepare to teach or assist your professor of record. 

GTA/GIA Orientations consist of four parts:

  • Part A is in-person and requires advance registration.
  • Part B is synchronous online (virtual online Blackboard sessions) and requires advance registration. 
  • Parts C & D include asynchronous online modules and can be done at any time prior to the start of classes.  
Students can register and participate in the Part A & B components in any order, but must complete all four parts for successful completion of GTA/GIA Orientation.

A GTA/GIA Orientation Information Sheet will be provided to registrants with more detailed instructions regarding all 4 parts upon registration.

NOTE:  Deadline for GTA/GIA Orientation registration is Friday, December 31, 2021.  Advance registration is required for parts A & B.

Students must make every effort to attend Parts A and B on the dates listed below. GTA/GIAs cannot assume their teaching responsibilities without having completed the Orientation. Any student who misses GTA/GIA Orientation must contact Michelle Hardee, GTA/GIA Training Program Manager at at 803-777-1975.

 Spring 2022 GTA/GIA Orientations





Part A

In Person


Being a GTA/GIA at UofSC

Part B

Online Synchronous


Concurrent Sessions – Experienced GTA/GIA Panels

Part C

Asynchronous Online Modules


Policies and Campus Resources

Part D

Asynchronous Online Videos


GTA/GIA Role Tracks

Spring 2022 Orientation Dates and Times

Date Wednesday, January 5 Thursday, January 6

Gambrell 153

Gambrell 153

Part A
In Person
Advance Registration Required

9 am - 12 noon
In Person

1 - 4  pm
In Person

Part B
Advance Registration Required

1 - 4 pm
Blackboard Collaborate
(link to be provided)

9 am - 12 noon
Blackboard Collaborate
(link to be provided)

Workshop Components Descriptions

Part A

Being a GTA/GIA at UofSC
In Person - Gambrell 153

  • UofSC policies (grading, attendance, etc.)
  • Pre-semester Checklist for new GTA/GIAs, Responsibilities/Expectations of new GTA/GIAs
  • Professionalism
  • Interacting with Students, Dealing with disruptive behavior, COVID policies update
  • Networking / Meet & Greet

Part B

Concurrent Sessions:  Q&A with Veteran GTA Panels from Schools/Colleges
Synchronous Online

  • Experienced GTA/GIAs Best Practices in Grading
  • Leading and Managing Lab Sections
  • Leading Discussions in Class and Online
  • Recitations or Problem-Based Sessions
  • Office Hours and One-on-One Tutoring

Part C

Policies and Campus Resources
Asynchronous Online Modules 

  • Each topic includes a 10-20 minute video with quiz – completion of all modules required
  • Content links hosted through the TA Orientation Blackboard Organization - access will be available after January 2, 2022.
    1. FERPA
    2. Discrimination & Harassment
    3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
    4. Disability Services
    5. University Health Services
    6. Academic Integrity
    7. SAFE Team/Student Conduct
    8. USCPD
    9. CTE Resources
    10. Graduate School Resources
Part D

GTA Role Tracks
Asynchronous Online Videos

  • Requirements for Part D include watching three videos along with completion of included reflection prompt. Each video (topics listed below) are 15-20 minutes. GTA/GIAs should choose at least 1 video from the GTA/GIA’s assigned track (#1 - #5 below), and then any 2 other videos of the GTA/GIA’s choice.
  • Content links hosted through the TA Orientation Blackboard Organization - access will be available January 2, 2022.
  • Graduate Directors, Department Chairs, and Professors of Record are recommended to advise their GTA/GIAs as to which tracks and videos to watch.
  1. Leading lab sections
  2. Recitations/Problem-solving
  3. Student engagement
  4. Managing groups/discussions
  5. Grading
  1. Leading good discussions
  2. Managing groups
  3. Getting students to read
  4. Student engagement
  5. Grading writing/feedback
  1. Interacting w/students
  2. Encouraging learning/application
  3. Guiding problem-solving (recitation templates)
  4. How students learn
  1. Teaching Persona
  2. Engaging Students
  3. How students learn
  4. Using BB Collaborate and Breakout sessions
  5. How to lead a class/lesson planning/class time mgmt.
  6. Expectations and advice
  1. Grading effectively & efficiently in general (including writing)
  2. Giving feedback
  3. Expectations, working & communicating with your professor
  4. How to get started using Blackboard, navigating, tips and tricks
  5. Grading in Blackboard
  6. Blackboard Tests & Assignments
  7. Using BB Collaborate and Breakout sessions
  8. Useful online tech tools
  1. Engaging students, building rapport
  2. Teaching persona, teaching effectively for inexperienced TAs
  3. How to lead a class/lesson planning/class time mgmt.
  4. Time management/balance
  5. How students learn
  6. Tips for teaching online
  7. Using online tech tools
  8. Good pedagogical practices
  9. Active learning strategies
  10. Tips and recommendations for graduate students new to teaching

PLEASE NOTE  Regarding your registration, confirmation of registration will be by email within a week of registration receipt. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Michelle Hardee, GTA/GIA Training Program Manager at

Register for Spring 2022 TA Orientation

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